My Journey with the Lord: Searching, Seeking

I was studying yesterday, and I had this thought (now I believe that nothing happens on accident) what if every single moment was an opportunity to speak to God?  What if every person we passed was a chance to witness, every vehicle we passed on the road that stood out to us, every number that we notice were all God’s signs for trying to get our attention?  I have tons of articles online about how God speaks to you in 3 or 4 ways, but who are we to put a limit on how God can speak to us?  We limit God to what we understand, but He is so much more than we can possible imagine.  Think of it like this:

What if every back road you found yourself on was predestined and not just some wrong turn that you took?  What if every person who came in to your life was someone that you were supposed to learn from?  What if every single moment at work was an opportunity to show God’s love?  How much greater would this world and our adventure in it be if we lived life this way?  I am going to do a photo project- an experiment to see in how many different ways God speaks to me.  We go through so much of life on auto pilot and not paying attention to what is truly going on around us in a spiritual sense.  We don’t pay attention and truly live.  We only exist.  I want to live!  I want to know God!  I want to embrace this adventure until He calls me home!


Jesus lives inside of us!

Last night I had a dream (two part dream, but I am only sharing the first part) about being at a church service at one our local churches.  Now the preacher shared a video before the sermon and he hinted that it would be life-changing.  I remember the video clearly- it was a group of bugs (like a kid’s show sorta) and they were in this compacter fixing to be squished to death.  They were all panicking and trying to stay away from some spikes on one wall and all the walls were closing in.  Now you have to understand that  as I watched (in my dream) I became one of the bugs in this movie.  At first I was a scorpion and it was like “calm down guys, we can get out” and I was watching/was it at the same time. I was scrambling around looking for a way out while my friends freaked out, and I found one in the upper corner of this net topped trap where a bottle was moving around and there was a hole to escape through.  SO in my dream I helped all my friends out and they fell into this smaller container on the side of this trap, then all of a sudden I was big and was helping them out of this trap as a human.  I looked back and the scorpion was dead and covered in ants, and I realized that he has sacrificed himself for his friends.  SO the dream continues after this, but I am only sharing this part as I understood the lesson in it fairly well.

It is a parable in many ways.  First of all aren’t the bugs such a good representation of humans in their smallness, and tendency to wander away being led by temptation.  We can get surrounded by trouble on every side, but Jesus always provides a way out (that is in scripture about how their is a way out of temptation).  The next part that stood out is how I was the scorpion then a human.  To me this represents the scorpion as our fleshly side and then becoming something else. Our spirit part of us that grows as we become spiritually mature people in Christ.  We leave that old us behind, but even as evil as we are (as scorpions have been considered) there is still hope- we are capable of becoming great because we have someone helping us.  The scorpion also represented to me how Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected.  He died in His fleshly form and became something greater.  There were so many lessons in this dream that I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but the last part is.  I became larger than my friends and I believe it is a representation of what lives inside of us when we are born again.  JESUS!!! He lives inside of us.  Stop and really think about that for a minute! JESUS LIVES inside of you as the Holy Spirit!  The Son of God!  The Helper.  We are all capable of so much greater things with His help if we will just stop fighting Him.

Some people may disagree with this, but yesterday I had a lesson on the Trinity :Father, Son, Holy Spirit- summed up like this “they are 3 distinct beings, but one in the same.” One does not exist without the other.  I had dreamed about being in 3 places at once and a word in my dream and it meant “stool”  I wasn’t sure how it all tied together until last night when I was driving and I heard sermon on the radio comparing the triune nature of God to a bar stool’s legs.  Think of each Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as the legs of a bar stool.  If you take one off then the bar stool falls over.  All three are part of the same item yet each part plays a role (kind of like how we are the body of Christ- we all have a distinct part to play).

So I mean the biggest lesson was ” Jesus lives inside of us!  He died for our sins, and is always right there full of mercy and grace ready to lead us from temptation and the trouble that crushes us on each side.  We are capable of greatness because of who lives inside of us!  Allow yourself to grow in Christ, to learn to overcome the world, and let that fleshly part die.  And remember the point of life is LOVE as shown by Jesus great example.  .

John 15:13 ” Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for His friends.”  That is what Jesus did for us.  You are Jesus’ friend, He died for you, and now lives inside of you.  Just let that sink in to your brain.  Love to all!  Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!


Research on Responsibility Dream

I m going to be straight honest.  This dream did not mean much to me even though I remember it clearly.  I do not completely know what it means, but I think God showed me that He was leaving some of the meaning unknown on purpose.  There were only a few main ideas in it:

Avocado: Can mean Beauty and Love, and the color green especially stood out as it was like the third green object from my dream.

Wilty Celery- Brown and Green

Numbers: 5, 10, 100

and of course all the meanings of the people’s names.

Now Green means Flourishing or life, and brown is decay.

#5 has a lot of references to Daniel- specifically the periods of the world-ruling empires, and it has a reference to the “tabernacle in the wilderness”.

#10 references the Obedience in Tithing, 10 plagues, and ten commandments, and our responsibility to observe the commandments.  On the Hebrew calendar (the 10th day of the 7th month) is the Day Atonement which is a Holy Day.

Now the last thing was my dad covered in a sleeping bag- bags represent a temporary home.  (Which is our time on earth).

Ok, so the biggest part of the dream that stood out was mean hiding from the lady that I know- my immediate thought was that I have been hiding from my responsibilities as I owe this lady a debt (of gratitude and monetary).  I did some research and found the number reference to the duty of Christians to observe the 10 Commandments, but also a specific emphasis on “Keep the Sabbath Day Holy.”  Now I may have posted about this once, but I want to share this again (or for the first time if I haven’t yet):

The Sabbath Day is God’s gift to us as a day of rest from our busy schedules.  ( I am as guilty as everybody else of doing nothing but house chores on the weekend etc…)  The day was not our gift to God, but His gift to us to spend time with Him and make Him an inordinate part of that day.  Some argue that it is Saturday and some that it is Sunday, but I don’t think it matters much (my opinion).  What is important is observing it- setting aside that one day to make God a huge part of everything we do.  To study, to reflect on His teachings, to pray and just give Him our gratitude.  Now this is me trying to pull the logical meaning out of it, but I think what it may mean is that handling life God’s way leads to flourishing and life and the decay starts when we step away from doing things His way to doing it our way.  His way will always make us more prosperous than our way makes ourselves.  He has a good plan for our lives (Jer. 29:11).  I think that this was a reminder that I and anyone who this touches that we have responsibilities as Christians, and we need to take them seriously.  The world has kind of blown off God’s moral laws, but we can’t!  We need to remember to keep the 10 Commandments, and help each other, to spread love, and to seek God with our Mind, Heart and Soul.  We need to pay people that we owe money too, and honor others above ourselves.  Love is the meaning of life, and when Easter rolls around- we need to remember what the greatest act of love was.  Jesus died on the cross so that we could be free of our sins and free from death.  He conquered death, and once you are His- No One can snatch you from His hand.

God Bless all!  Love to all!  Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit for their sound teachings!



Dream on 3/27/2017 Responsibility

I haven’t had a dream in a while that I felt like I should post anything about.  On 3/27/2017, I was blessed with one unexpectedly.  Now I do not know all the* meaning, but I will share with you my research.

Basically in this dream, I went to a spa to get a facial, my hair cut/dyed, and my nails done.  When I got to this spa which is a local place called Sylvia’s (I knew it was her place although it did not look like it does in real life) there were robbers holding people hostage.  I went ahead with my spa day (lol b/c that is what everyone does when there are robbers around).  So I ended up getting my facial and my hair cut. When I looked in the mirror, this girl’s mom that I knew in High School is my reflection and she is my hair dresser.  My first thought is I can’t live with this hair cut b/c I always thought it resembled a light bulb.  However, when I tell the hairdresser and she shows me the back of my hair then it turns back into something normal and I pay.  I wanted to tip her $15, but I ended up tipping either $15 or $25, and I remember specifically that I had a $100 bill in my wallet.  And then the robbers got mad b/c someone left, so they were being more vigilant about trying to keep us in by setting alarms on the doors if they opened.  I managed to sneak out, and realized none of them were actually paying attention to me.  So I end running away down this sidewalk ( I am not sure where I actually was) and into this market type place that is full of moms (that’s just what I understood), and one is talking about how hard it is to be a mom.  Now in this grocery store was I remember specifically a box of wilty celery.  As I keep going I pass a mom, dad, and daughter stocking candy, and end up at a counter where a little girl is talking to me and I am listening politely but trying to leave.  Now in this entire part of the dream, I know that I am looking for my car (and hiding from the robbers ) . Now in this dream and in the market, somehow I knew that it was Easter time.  Now as I exit the market and get to a sidewalk, I hide from a lady that was there that I knew I owe money too.  ( I woke up thinking that I am hiding from responsibility).  Now this girl from high school is sitting in a wagon or truck or something and she tells me that my car probably got towed (also in this truck is my dad under a green sleeping bag), and so this girl is going to take me to get my car.  My computers were also in this vehicle that she and my classmates were sitting in.  SO in her white truck, there is playing secular music.  In my dream I remembered the song, but when I woke up I could not remember it.  I woke up right after I heard the music in her car.  Also at some point I passed someone eating a avocado snow cone or something – it may have been a smoothie or even ice cream, but I know it was avocado b/c  I remember thinking how gross it was.  I also remember some of my friends that I used to know being in the dream – Emily and Lanell.


Now I will publish my research in my next post, and the little bit of understanding that dawned on me as I wrote this because I was maybe writing it with fresh eyes and a little revelation dawned on me.

A Little Lesson about God’s Protection!

Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I mostly post will I learn something that I think other Christians could benefit from.  Here is a little lesson that I learned the other night.  Love to all!

So Here is just a quick lesson that I had last night from the Lord. For those of you who believe in spiritual attacks. I woke up to a sound in my room like a snake. It sounded like a hiss too me and somehow I knew it was a spiritual sound. And I prayed for my guardian angel to get rid of it for God to protect me and for Him to send His angels to protect me. and I felt/heard the word “instantaneous” and heard an immediate clashing in the I think the spiritual realm because it wasn’t in my room and my dogs did not wake up. So I woke up remembering this specific thing this morning, and I woke up last night somehow knowing that when you pray in the midst of a spiritual attack you need to know that God/Jesus protect you right then! It is not something that is delayed or maybe they will get to you later! They send help right then and there is an immediate fight in the spiritual realm! It is an instantaneous reaction when you pray for protection in a spiritual fight.

My Journey with the Lord: Still Learning the “Having Faith” Lesson

Sometimes I go back and read some of my posts- the more positive ones, and think “wow, did I write that?”  The only explanation is that it is Jesus because I am not that smart, and I struggle with staying positive.  Sometimes I find myself falling back into old habits of fear and worry, but Jesus usually convicts me back into shape.  He blesses me with revelations and more understanding than I deserve at times.  Tonight was one of those moments.  So I come across the verse Psalm 27:13-14 quite a lot when I ask the Lord to speak to me, and I am always like why does He keep telling me to “Wait on the Lord…”  Patience is obviously not a virtue of mine, but something that He is cultivating into my personality.  Tonight I unintentionally in a study that must have been completely Spirit led learned what this study means. It means Have FAITH and BELIEF that Jesus will take care of you.  Take all those worries and fears and struggles and anxieties and give them to the Lord.  He will take them from you.  So what are the practical steps to do this?

  1. Pray, and then Let it go and Let God.  After you pray, do whatever you need to do to just let it go, but move on.  I would strongly suggest a “worry box” which is a bow where you write down your anxieties and worries and leave them in this box for seven days , then take them out and throw away the ones that have sorted themselves out during the course of that week.  What most people find is that most problems work out their solutions within seven days with little to  no input from us.  God does truly have our best intentions at heart, and He can take care of us.
  2. Next you Carry On- Eat, Pray, Love – you know the whole book thing, but do it for real.  You carry on enjoying your family meals and your meals by yourself watching a movie (if you are single like me), you enjoy your family time, You go to work and do your best, You help others who need it (the essence of Love), and you study your Bible.
  3. Seriously, pick a Bible study and do it faithfully.  Do it to learn the Lord’s word and put it into practice.
  4. Next, you keep on doing whatever it was that the Lord has already placed in your life for whatever season that you are in.  You do it wholeheartedly and without reservation or resentment.  You just keep doing your best at it until He gives you something new.  And then you wait for Him to put something new in your life.  (Believe me, before this evening I was seriously struggling with this whole “Wait on the Lord” thing)
  5. And then you know what you do:  Pray, Study, Eat, and Love some more.  Believe that the Lord will solve all your problems in His time.  Believe that He loves you so much that He cares whether or  not you have a good day.  Believe that He has freed you from the entanglements of this world.
  6. Then just LIVE!  HE made this earth for us to enjoy!  That means that it is ok to Have Hobbies and Enjoy yourself.  It is ok to visit with friends, and eat your favorite foods.  Just go LOVE the LIFE that He gave you, and LIVE it to the Fullest because no one can do it for you.

My Journey with the Lord: Having Faith

One time last week when I prayed, I asked the Lord what my next step was and He said “have faith.”  Now then that is usually easier said than done.  It is all about “Letting Go and Letting God.”  That means in every aspect of your life to let go of the fear that can so easily entangles us : the fear of being alone if you are single, the fear of failure if you have failed many times in the past, the feat of financial insecurity, etc…I spent the other night going back and looking at my most recent posts and then my later posts when I really started hearing from the Lord.  I realized that being motivated out of fear to serve the Lord is wrong, we should be motivated out of respect and Love of the Lord- nothing more.  Maybe you disagree, but consider if we were to follow Jesus example on the cross and how He died for us- He did it out of Love not fear of God.  He loved us so much that He suffered on the cross for our sins.  It took me a awhile and I had to really work to understand the Love that motivates us to action rather than the fear.  I could see my transition in my own posts from earlier to more recent posts as the Lord changed my mindset.  I promise that the Lord can transform lives.  It doesn’t mean that all your problems will be fixed overnight, or that every doubt/insecurity disappears overnight.  It doesn’t mean that you will instantly speak in a different tongue, or not stumble every now and then.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t fall on your face sometimes.  But what it does mean is that the Lord will walk with you every step of the way.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.  He is in it for the long haul, so if the King of Kings and Lord of Lords loves you that much and will never give up on you then don’t give up on yourself!