My Five Files

If you want to know what these “five files” are based on, check out my article “The Haze.” In it I reference an article that I read on The Article Title is “5 Practical Steps to Increase in Godly Wisdom.” I found it to be a very motivating read, and it has inspired me to start this page for My Five Files.

My Topics:
Being a Woman of God
Time Management
Living to the Glory of God
Adventure and Love of Life


2 thoughts on “My Five Files

  1. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for following my “Out of the Fire” blog. I give a free e-book called “Overcoming Spiritual Bondage” to followers / subscribers, but WordPress didn’t give me your e-mail address, so I can’t get it to you without that. If you would like to have the e-book, just e-mail me at and I will send that out to you. Blessings! ~ Lee Ann

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