All about ME!

Firstly, let me say, Thanks for dropping by my blog!  It took me two years to decide that blogging was something I was brave enough to do.  Let me give you a little background information on me, so you can understand how I made the decision to start blogging.

At 19, I bought into a local coffee shop franchise and became a business owner.  I did not have a plan for my life, so I decided to buy a business, and see where that got me.  After four years of working for myself, I discovered that I was miserable for no other reason than this was not what I wanted to do for my entire life.  I was mad at the world for the decisions I had made in my life, and regretted not making the memories that most people at age 19 make.  I had never been arrested, nor had many close friends whom I shared memories with, and I hadn’t dated excessively.  I got out of the franchise and went to work as a waitress at a local restaurant.  One of the hardest things I ever had to do was learn to work for someone else again.  At this restaurant, I made a couple of decent friends, and learned that I was just not the person I wanted to be.  I was mean, arrogant, prideful, and not a very good person at all.  I worked, at the restaurant until October of 2013, about a year and a half, and then was offered a job as a secretary.

I have, recently, come to realize my life goals, and start on a road that is going to turn these dreams into reality.  First and foremost, I want to make a difference.  Not a “Mother Theresa” kind of difference, but I would settle for being able to inspire one person to be happy and in love with God.  I want to live an adventure!  I want to work towards a goal that means something, and not get stuck in the 9 to 5 drudgery of “go to work, come home, make dinner, and watch television.” Therefore, I had to come up with a way to make a difference that embraced one of my talents (writing) and that was how I came up with the idea of- “DUM TA TE DUM”- blogging!  So welcome, to my blog!  I hope you find its content relatable, and inspiring!  Love yas!

A word of warning or promise (depending on your philosophical bent):

This blog is written from a Christian point of view.  Before I do anything in life, I go to my Bible to find verses to help me make wise decisions.  Therefore in my content, expect to see references to bible verses and inspiring quotes.  Feel free to leave comments on anything I pose, or anything you think that I have misinterpreted in my Bible studies, but, please keep it “G” rated.  We do not need bad language to communicate!  Also, please keep biblical references meant to condemn another’s persons or groups lifestyle choices out of your comments.  My ultimate goal is to create a site that is inspiring, encouraging and relateable, but not containing judgmental overtones.


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