Jesus lives inside of us!

Last night I had a dream (two part dream, but I am only sharing the first part) about being at a church service at one our local churches.  Now the preacher shared a video before the sermon and he hinted that it would be life-changing.  I remember the video clearly- it was a group of bugs (like a kid’s show sorta) and they were in this compacter fixing to be squished to death.  They were all panicking and trying to stay away from some spikes on one wall and all the walls were closing in.  Now you have to understand that  as I watched (in my dream) I became one of the bugs in this movie.  At first I was a scorpion and it was like “calm down guys, we can get out” and I was watching/was it at the same time. I was scrambling around looking for a way out while my friends freaked out, and I found one in the upper corner of this net topped trap where a bottle was moving around and there was a hole to escape through.  SO in my dream I helped all my friends out and they fell into this smaller container on the side of this trap, then all of a sudden I was big and was helping them out of this trap as a human.  I looked back and the scorpion was dead and covered in ants, and I realized that he has sacrificed himself for his friends.  SO the dream continues after this, but I am only sharing this part as I understood the lesson in it fairly well.

It is a parable in many ways.  First of all aren’t the bugs such a good representation of humans in their smallness, and tendency to wander away being led by temptation.  We can get surrounded by trouble on every side, but Jesus always provides a way out (that is in scripture about how their is a way out of temptation).  The next part that stood out is how I was the scorpion then a human.  To me this represents the scorpion as our fleshly side and then becoming something else. Our spirit part of us that grows as we become spiritually mature people in Christ.  We leave that old us behind, but even as evil as we are (as scorpions have been considered) there is still hope- we are capable of becoming great because we have someone helping us.  The scorpion also represented to me how Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected.  He died in His fleshly form and became something greater.  There were so many lessons in this dream that I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but the last part is.  I became larger than my friends and I believe it is a representation of what lives inside of us when we are born again.  JESUS!!! He lives inside of us.  Stop and really think about that for a minute! JESUS LIVES inside of you as the Holy Spirit!  The Son of God!  The Helper.  We are all capable of so much greater things with His help if we will just stop fighting Him.

Some people may disagree with this, but yesterday I had a lesson on the Trinity :Father, Son, Holy Spirit- summed up like this “they are 3 distinct beings, but one in the same.” One does not exist without the other.  I had dreamed about being in 3 places at once and a word in my dream and it meant “stool”  I wasn’t sure how it all tied together until last night when I was driving and I heard sermon on the radio comparing the triune nature of God to a bar stool’s legs.  Think of each Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as the legs of a bar stool.  If you take one off then the bar stool falls over.  All three are part of the same item yet each part plays a role (kind of like how we are the body of Christ- we all have a distinct part to play).

So I mean the biggest lesson was ” Jesus lives inside of us!  He died for our sins, and is always right there full of mercy and grace ready to lead us from temptation and the trouble that crushes us on each side.  We are capable of greatness because of who lives inside of us!  Allow yourself to grow in Christ, to learn to overcome the world, and let that fleshly part die.  And remember the point of life is LOVE as shown by Jesus great example.  .

John 15:13 ” Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for His friends.”  That is what Jesus did for us.  You are Jesus’ friend, He died for you, and now lives inside of you.  Just let that sink in to your brain.  Love to all!  Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!




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