Dream on 3/27/2017 Responsibility

I haven’t had a dream in a while that I felt like I should post anything about.  On 3/27/2017, I was blessed with one unexpectedly.  Now I do not know all the* meaning, but I will share with you my research.

Basically in this dream, I went to a spa to get a facial, my hair cut/dyed, and my nails done.  When I got to this spa which is a local place called Sylvia’s (I knew it was her place although it did not look like it does in real life) there were robbers holding people hostage.  I went ahead with my spa day (lol b/c that is what everyone does when there are robbers around).  So I ended up getting my facial and my hair cut. When I looked in the mirror, this girl’s mom that I knew in High School is my reflection and she is my hair dresser.  My first thought is I can’t live with this hair cut b/c I always thought it resembled a light bulb.  However, when I tell the hairdresser and she shows me the back of my hair then it turns back into something normal and I pay.  I wanted to tip her $15, but I ended up tipping either $15 or $25, and I remember specifically that I had a $100 bill in my wallet.  And then the robbers got mad b/c someone left, so they were being more vigilant about trying to keep us in by setting alarms on the doors if they opened.  I managed to sneak out, and realized none of them were actually paying attention to me.  So I end running away down this sidewalk ( I am not sure where I actually was) and into this market type place that is full of moms (that’s just what I understood), and one is talking about how hard it is to be a mom.  Now in this grocery store was I remember specifically a box of wilty celery.  As I keep going I pass a mom, dad, and daughter stocking candy, and end up at a counter where a little girl is talking to me and I am listening politely but trying to leave.  Now in this entire part of the dream, I know that I am looking for my car (and hiding from the robbers ) . Now in this dream and in the market, somehow I knew that it was Easter time.  Now as I exit the market and get to a sidewalk, I hide from a lady that was there that I knew I owe money too.  ( I woke up thinking that I am hiding from responsibility).  Now this girl from high school is sitting in a wagon or truck or something and she tells me that my car probably got towed (also in this truck is my dad under a green sleeping bag), and so this girl is going to take me to get my car.  My computers were also in this vehicle that she and my classmates were sitting in.  SO in her white truck, there is playing secular music.  In my dream I remembered the song, but when I woke up I could not remember it.  I woke up right after I heard the music in her car.  Also at some point I passed someone eating a avocado snow cone or something – it may have been a smoothie or even ice cream, but I know it was avocado b/c  I remember thinking how gross it was.  I also remember some of my friends that I used to know being in the dream – Emily and Lanell.


Now I will publish my research in my next post, and the little bit of understanding that dawned on me as I wrote this because I was maybe writing it with fresh eyes and a little revelation dawned on me.



Single, dog-loving, adventure loving, and content.

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