A Little Lesson about God’s Protection!

Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I mostly post will I learn something that I think other Christians could benefit from.  Here is a little lesson that I learned the other night.  Love to all!

So Here is just a quick lesson that I had last night from the Lord. For those of you who believe in spiritual attacks. I woke up to a sound in my room like a snake. It sounded like a hiss too me and somehow I knew it was a spiritual sound. And I prayed for my guardian angel to get rid of it for God to protect me and for Him to send His angels to protect me. and I felt/heard the word “instantaneous” and heard an immediate clashing in the I think the spiritual realm because it wasn’t in my room and my dogs did not wake up. So I woke up remembering this specific thing this morning, and I woke up last night somehow knowing that when you pray in the midst of a spiritual attack you need to know that God/Jesus protect you right then! It is not something that is delayed or maybe they will get to you later! They send help right then and there is an immediate fight in the spiritual realm! It is an instantaneous reaction when you pray for protection in a spiritual fight.



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