My Journey with the Lord: Still Learning the “Having Faith” Lesson

Sometimes I go back and read some of my posts- the more positive ones, and think “wow, did I write that?”  The only explanation is that it is Jesus because I am not that smart, and I struggle with staying positive.  Sometimes I find myself falling back into old habits of fear and worry, but Jesus usually convicts me back into shape.  He blesses me with revelations and more understanding than I deserve at times.  Tonight was one of those moments.  So I come across the verse Psalm 27:13-14 quite a lot when I ask the Lord to speak to me, and I am always like why does He keep telling me to “Wait on the Lord…”  Patience is obviously not a virtue of mine, but something that He is cultivating into my personality.  Tonight I unintentionally in a study that must have been completely Spirit led learned what this study means. It means Have FAITH and BELIEF that Jesus will take care of you.  Take all those worries and fears and struggles and anxieties and give them to the Lord.  He will take them from you.  So what are the practical steps to do this?

  1. Pray, and then Let it go and Let God.  After you pray, do whatever you need to do to just let it go, but move on.  I would strongly suggest a “worry box” which is a bow where you write down your anxieties and worries and leave them in this box for seven days , then take them out and throw away the ones that have sorted themselves out during the course of that week.  What most people find is that most problems work out their solutions within seven days with little to  no input from us.  God does truly have our best intentions at heart, and He can take care of us.
  2. Next you Carry On- Eat, Pray, Love – you know the whole book thing, but do it for real.  You carry on enjoying your family meals and your meals by yourself watching a movie (if you are single like me), you enjoy your family time, You go to work and do your best, You help others who need it (the essence of Love), and you study your Bible.
  3. Seriously, pick a Bible study and do it faithfully.  Do it to learn the Lord’s word and put it into practice.
  4. Next, you keep on doing whatever it was that the Lord has already placed in your life for whatever season that you are in.  You do it wholeheartedly and without reservation or resentment.  You just keep doing your best at it until He gives you something new.  And then you wait for Him to put something new in your life.  (Believe me, before this evening I was seriously struggling with this whole “Wait on the Lord” thing)
  5. And then you know what you do:  Pray, Study, Eat, and Love some more.  Believe that the Lord will solve all your problems in His time.  Believe that He loves you so much that He cares whether or  not you have a good day.  Believe that He has freed you from the entanglements of this world.
  6. Then just LIVE!  HE made this earth for us to enjoy!  That means that it is ok to Have Hobbies and Enjoy yourself.  It is ok to visit with friends, and eat your favorite foods.  Just go LOVE the LIFE that He gave you, and LIVE it to the Fullest because no one can do it for you.


Single, dog-loving, adventure loving, and content.

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