My Journey with the Lord: Lessons From Last Night

All Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit,

So last night I was blessed with several dreams I remember and blessed further with the discernment to know what they meant.  I won’t trouble you with the dreams and their details, but the significant lessons that I learned to not only apply to my own life, but hopefully that will help anyone reading these posts:

The First Lesson:

You cannot outrun a job that Jesus has for you.  Think Jonah and Nineveh- He tried to runaway from the presence of the Lord.  You can’t.  Like Jesus and God are literally everywhere and see everything.  Jesus will catch up to you in your running, and keep asking you to do the job that only you can do.  You cannot outrun your destiny or His plan for your life once you ask Him into your heart.  Like it doesn’t matter how much you think you aren’t capable or even the right person for the job.

Next You can’t do your Job on this earth until you are trained for it.  You have to train for human jobs so doesn’t it make sense that you need training for Heavenly callings as well?

The next thing I woke up with is Jesus Heals.  Everyone needs to realize that you don’t have to heal yourself or those around you.  You can just ask Jesus to do it.  Jesus Heals.

So I don’t know if these encourage anyone, but I found the messages encouraging.  It makes sense to me because not only was I constantly wondered if Jesus has chosen me to share messages and I am not good at it, so I kind of stopped for a while because I was scared I was doing it wrong, but you cannot outrun God and Jesus plans for you once you have committed yourself to them.  Next I also have a tendency to get ahead of the game a little bit, so it made sense to me that He would tell me that I can’t do my job without training. I love you guys, and I hope you enjoy hearing from the Lord as much as I do.  He is so patient with me and loving, and teaches me more than I deserve.  God Bless everybody!








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