My Journey with the Lord: Study Time- Bible Adventures

Ok so sometimes when I get stuck in my studies, or I am waiting on the Lord and I don’t know what to study then I do what I call a Bible Adventure.  It is kind of a fun childish way to study that can take you into some amazing lessons.  For me I usually end up with the answers to my prayer questions or on a lesson that the Lord must have wanted me to learn because I have amazing understanding when I know He is leading my studies.  So basically what you do is take a word like “love” or a group of words like “God’s will” etc…and you use your concordance or the internet to look up 10 to 12 verses etc on that phrase, word, or idea.  Now the idea is to only look up the verses not look up someone else’s opinion on the subject.  I usually look up the verses write it down in my notebook then start looking up the verses.  Ok so as you are looking up the verses say you come across a word like “steadfast prayer” or some phrase that you may have always thought you understood but have never really looked up the meaning to, then you stop and look up verses on that phrase.  And you just keep going and keep looking up strange phrases in each subsequent set of verses until you complete a “lesson.”  Now sometimes you can just set yourself a time limit like say an hour or two and take notes as you journey through your Bible, but usually if you trust that the Lord leads your study it can be really interesting where you end up.

Now before I usually start studying, I ask the Lord to surround me with angels so I know that what I am hearing and learning is from Him, and I ask Him to purify me for study and worship.  It is really fun to do in a group because everyone picks there own subject and allows themselves to be led by the Holy Spirit through the study.  Now I taught some of my family how to do this yesterday and we have a lot of fun!  What was really interesting is 2 of us ended up on the same verses several times, and we all started with a separate subject!  No one even told anyone else what we were studying so it was was cool to see how Jesus can work in a study if you let Him! What I have discovered is that also when I study this way, I am in my Bible more and going through various books and you kind of start seeing how the Bible lessons are all interconnected.  Jesus really is the answer to all of life’s problems, and the point of life is Love!  I love doing studies this way because Jesus seems to lead me right into subjects that I have been asking about in prayer, so it just makes my heart happy!  I hope you will all give this study method a try, and let the Lord teach you because He will if you ask!

Love you guys!  God Bless!  Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for the amazing things they do in our lives!!!

Try Looking up Zondervan Dictionary of Bible Themes to get you started, or just open your Bible and start reading.



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