My Journey with the Lord: Having Faith

One time last week when I prayed, I asked the Lord what my next step was and He said “have faith.”  Now then that is usually easier said than done.  It is all about “Letting Go and Letting God.”  That means in every aspect of your life to let go of the fear that can so easily entangles us : the fear of being alone if you are single, the fear of failure if you have failed many times in the past, the feat of financial insecurity, etc…I spent the other night going back and looking at my most recent posts and then my later posts when I really started hearing from the Lord.  I realized that being motivated out of fear to serve the Lord is wrong, we should be motivated out of respect and Love of the Lord- nothing more.  Maybe you disagree, but consider if we were to follow Jesus example on the cross and how He died for us- He did it out of Love not fear of God.  He loved us so much that He suffered on the cross for our sins.  It took me a awhile and I had to really work to understand the Love that motivates us to action rather than the fear.  I could see my transition in my own posts from earlier to more recent posts as the Lord changed my mindset.  I promise that the Lord can transform lives.  It doesn’t mean that all your problems will be fixed overnight, or that every doubt/insecurity disappears overnight.  It doesn’t mean that you will instantly speak in a different tongue, or not stumble every now and then.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t fall on your face sometimes.  But what it does mean is that the Lord will walk with you every step of the way.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.  He is in it for the long haul, so if the King of Kings and Lord of Lords loves you that much and will never give up on you then don’t give up on yourself!


My Journey with the Lord: Proverbs 30

I had a dream the other night and the specific words and numbers in it led me to Proverbs 30.  For my own reasons, I chose this site to try and understand this Proverb, but I am still waiting on full understanding from the Lord.  I dare not say I know all of what He was trying to tell me, but I do know it was from Him as it references some thoughts I have had that I have not voiced.  For the most part, only the Lord knows my most personal thoughts.

Let me know what you think!

My Journey with the Lord: Dream of Fortune

The other night I had a dream where I was at my bank and they gave me a dog dish of pennies- old pennies.  I am not sure why but they were going to get rid of them or something, and gave me these pennies to include in my deposit.  So I went back there with the tellers and they were teaching me to count and check my own deposit, and as I counted my change some dimes (silver coins) that were mixed into the pennies kept shrinking and i would set them aside as I could not count them for they were no longer real money.  Other coins were appearing as I counted as well to the point where I had stacks of quarters and half dollars etc, but I could never quite get it all counted.

Now let me stop at that part and tell you what I understand.

Fortunes on earth will never last, and money disappears quickly.  You will never have enough money- you will earn it and spend it so quickly that it will become this vicious cycle of wanting more.  The true Fortune we should seek is God.  He is the only fortune that cannot be destroyed by rust or moth, and the fortune that will not disappear.  That is the main point of that part of the dream.  Seek God above all else, He is the only Fortune worth Pursuing.  Make Him the Priority of your life and exalt Him.

 Now also I believe that it is telling us that the value of American money will soon diminish.  Keep an eye on our financial system.  Be prepared to survive without money.  The money that we are being told at the banks etc is a lie.  There is no money at the banks.  Everything exists on paper or electronically only.


Now in the next part of the dream I end up staying with one of the tellers as the others leave and we are closing this bank for the day.  Now as we wait for a lady to get back to finish closing us down , 3 men come in.  One was a man named Gerald who I used to visit in the nursing home, and I was like “who let you out?”  The other was a very poor man who did have money, but was in rags, and the third was an arrogant man who was obviously very rich and would not listen to us when we told him “sir we are closed.”  Now the teller- young man that was with me saw this third man and I was trying to tell him we had been closed for thirty minutes he was like “don’t talk to him like that or I will lose my job.”

So what was interesting is I did not recognize this individual but he was wearing a professional lab coat with a name on it of one of our local business owners.  I will not put it on here, but the Hebrew meaning of the his name “Robert” is what led me to realize that God was telling me He is the only Fortune worth seeking.


Now my first thought upon waking up is there was some kind of parable hidden in my dream, and I thought maybe it had something to do with showing favoritism to the rich over the poor, or something.  However, in my dream we helped all three of the men equally except I did not like the rich man in this dream.  So then I started researching stories about three men in the Bible.  I came up with some stories in Daniel about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  I also got the story in Matt. 19 in my research and the story of Lazarus and the Rich man in Luke 16:19-31.  Now I am not going to lie and tell you that I understand this last part of the dream for I do nott.  However, the first part and the lesson I am sure of and felt it was confirmed to me to share it with you. 

So All I can Reiterate is Seek God as your Fortune not money.  Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

My Journey with the Lord: Lessons From Last Night

All Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit,

So last night I was blessed with several dreams I remember and blessed further with the discernment to know what they meant.  I won’t trouble you with the dreams and their details, but the significant lessons that I learned to not only apply to my own life, but hopefully that will help anyone reading these posts:

The First Lesson:

You cannot outrun a job that Jesus has for you.  Think Jonah and Nineveh- He tried to runaway from the presence of the Lord.  You can’t.  Like Jesus and God are literally everywhere and see everything.  Jesus will catch up to you in your running, and keep asking you to do the job that only you can do.  You cannot outrun your destiny or His plan for your life once you ask Him into your heart.  Like it doesn’t matter how much you think you aren’t capable or even the right person for the job.

Next You can’t do your Job on this earth until you are trained for it.  You have to train for human jobs so doesn’t it make sense that you need training for Heavenly callings as well?

The next thing I woke up with is Jesus Heals.  Everyone needs to realize that you don’t have to heal yourself or those around you.  You can just ask Jesus to do it.  Jesus Heals.

So I don’t know if these encourage anyone, but I found the messages encouraging.  It makes sense to me because not only was I constantly wondered if Jesus has chosen me to share messages and I am not good at it, so I kind of stopped for a while because I was scared I was doing it wrong, but you cannot outrun God and Jesus plans for you once you have committed yourself to them.  Next I also have a tendency to get ahead of the game a little bit, so it made sense to me that He would tell me that I can’t do my job without training. I love you guys, and I hope you enjoy hearing from the Lord as much as I do.  He is so patient with me and loving, and teaches me more than I deserve.  God Bless everybody!