My Journey with the Lord: Quest for Truth

Ok guys,
So lots of news this morning! First of all You need to go watch Reverand Mary’s Newest Video, and know that I had the name “logan” in my dream a few days ago,
so for me that is the confirmation that what she is saying is authentic.
So a couple of nights ago, in one of my dreams, I had a Sasquatch and a Pegasus. I was not sure what they meant, but I also had the Addam’s family twins in my
dream, as well. Again I had done a little research on the subjects, but I planned on getting up this morning to do some more research on these particular subjects. Now
I do believe you can get more than one message. Now the first message I received from researching the addam’s family twins had to do with the “Christian Supplanter”
which I concluded guys is the devil. he is trying to supplant Jesus on His thrown, and its not going to work. the evil one will also try to steal your truth, and lead
you away into deception so hold onto the things that you know are happening. Do not be deceived.
Now this morning when I woke up and opened Bing was on the news “pegasus set to launch wednesday,” and this could get confusing so please read this however many times
that you need to to get it. Of course it jumped out at me because of the Pegasus in my dream and the name of the female addam’s family twin “Wednesday!”
The Pegasus is a rocket that releases 8 mini satelites that are supposed to orbit the earth about 316 miles above the atmosphere to help predict hurricanes.
They rely only partial radar data and the other part is direct or reflected data received from GPS satelites. Now this is where things get interesting.
Yesterday morning when I was first researching our tv went all wonky when we were watching the news and ended up changing the channel on our tv to “12” and turning off
our dish receiver, so that was really weird, but we knew it happened for a reason. So we started looking up the number 12 which means “apostolic commision”
so we were like ok. Well this morning as I was reading all this news press it said that the original launch date was Monday the 12th! So imagine my shock when
I was like God must think I am a real dummy because sometimes I just don’t get it! Well so as soon as I read that this morning I jumped in with both feet to see
what else I could dig up on “sasquatch” and “pegasus” as government projects both on the NASA sites and the conspiracy sites.
Now their is another meteorological project that supposedly ended in 2004 that was called the Big Foot Project which had to do again with monitoring weather conditions
over land. And yet another project was called the “YETI” project which tied Japan to the internet takeover that happened a couple of months ago and had to do with
that company ICANN. So I urge you guys to look this stuff up because you are not going to see it on the nightly news.
Next as I keep digging (which I havent completely tied everything together), I discovered that the launch of this rocket is going to be in Cape Canaveral Florida.
Now this particular base is owed by USAF, and there is a conspiracy theory of how the USAF has a secret project call “The Pegasus Missions” which are about deep
space exploration, and they now control NASA. Now keep in mind NASA was pretty much shut down a few years back- extreme downsizing, so how can they keep
affording these multi-billion projects such as the ones in florida? So if you do your own research and start coming across this stuff, you are going to
come across alot of Pegasus Rocket Missions etc that were launched from this AF base in Florida. Now none of this really meant much until I stumbled
onto a site about the top 25 notorius spies in the world. I was like “why is this in my search results?” So i start reading this list and as I am reading
I keep running across words from my studies and my dreams the last few days, so I knew I was supposed to be reading it. Now on the last spy was thi story about
how this person was an analyst that got arrested by the NCIS for espionage. Now that totally jumped out at me because I felt very led to watch a recent NCIS episode
and I did last night. Now the whole premise of this episode is about a girl who wrote a theory about “an everyday object hiding in plain site” and it had to do
with the government being spied on. Well the Good Lord has a way of tieing together all the pieces for me. So guys, what I think is that these “meteorological”
satelites that they have been launching have nothing to do with weather. What better way to hide the fact that they can spy on us then to do it in plain site “like an
ordinary object” that is projected as a device to help humanity rather than what it is really for.

Now there is some more to this that i am going to present to you but my research is at a standstill until the Lord reveals more to me.

Now one more lesson from one of these dreams was: Guys we are all in the race of life (as believers) to reach our prize which is eternal life. We are just on
different journeys and face different obstacles, but we have to stick together! We have to work together as being separated individuals from the world
because your government is not your friend, and people living “in the world” are going to call us crazy. So hold onto your truth, stay in a state of repentance,and
get ready to go home because it is going to happen soon! “In the twinkling of an eye”
I give all Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for this amazing revelation and knowledge because only Jesus can show me such things and manage to tie
together the elements in my life from the last few days that would let me know these things were from Him! I love you guys!





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