My Journey with the Lord: Jesus Prayed for All Believers Before He was Crucified

Hey guys,

Just a quick note tonight. I was working on my “heart” study and I turned to the next verse which was John 17:17, and it just struck my heart in an amazing way.  Go read John 17:6-26. And really pay attention guys, Jesus knew before He would redeem us that we would need a powerful prayer to get us through this world and He supplied it!  Really think about that!  Jesus knew who you were and prayed for you before the biggest moment that would make all the difference in our lives, and before He would get ready to ascend to Heaven.  He prayed for us before He was crucified!  Let that sink it for a bit!  Now isn’t that something to be Thankful for today!  Love Y’all God Bless!  Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for such an amazing word for this evening!



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