My Journey with the Lord: Transcript that Goes with 2 Videos of Lessons and Study without the Internet

Alright guys, Here is the promised transcript that goes with the Lession without the Internet. This is research that was entirely done with sources from my house: my books and my Bible.

So in this lesson were several reiterations of things that I have already shared and some major lessons from the Lord.
So It reiterated the coming of the Mega Earthquake. I have had the numbers 750, 2050, and 1234 appear as times either in my dreams, or as the times that I woke up
to write the dreams down.
750BC: was the date of the earthquake in the Book of Amos.
2050BC: was the date of the earthquake that swallowed Sodom and Gomorrah after having “fireballs” from Heaven rained down on it.
and this study specifically led me to the Earthquake mentioned in the Gospels when Jesus gave up His soul to Heaven. I have also been familiarized with the Hebrew word in the dictionary at 1234 which is the word for “cleave” which refers to earthquakes. Look it up for yourselves.

#28 Word for the Son of Abraham- which we are all descendants of Abraham.
#30 Word for Son of a Levite- Aaron who was a Levite Priest which is Levites were one the 12 Tribes, but were not counted as they are the Priestly Tribe,
and so the Tribe of Joseph is represented twice by Manasseh and Ephraim. See Revelation for the listing of the Tribes and Genesis I do believe for the origins.
#1210 Word for “clipped” and the example is grapes which immediately made me think of the Spiritual Harvest.
#4000 Word for Instruction or Taught which is very important as it times like this when I see this word that I know it is Jesus leading my study.

Scroll- Sacred Text- Biblical Scripture
if it was a Projector Screen- Projector represents light in the darkness, so logically the projectore screen would represent lessons taught, and It had me looking
up references to light and darkness.

#’s 28 and 30 I also found interesting in the Verse Matthew 15:38 under the word “four” for four thousand as it seems to be amoglamation of the 2 numbers from my vision.

4000 also pulled up : 1 Chron 23:5, 2 Chron 9:25
Scroll: Isa 34:14, and Rev 6:14. Revelation 6:14 also sits smack dab in the middle of the passage “Sixth Seal: Cosmic Disturbances” which is exactly the Seal I have
been telling yall is going to be opened. I say that is a confirmation. Only Jesus could know how to give visions that take items like “scroll” and lead me back to the
things I have been hearing about and believing. He sends me these confirmations all the time.

Light References: Mal 4:2, Luke 2:32, John 1:7-9, James 1:17 Refers to God as the Father of Lights, 2 Cor 11:14, John 5:35 (pay attn. to this one as it gets mentioned a
couple of times), Gen 1:3, Ps 119:105, Isa 8:20, Matt. 4:16, Col 1:12, Rev 21:23-25, 1 Tim 6:16, Matt. 5: 14 and 16, and again John 5:35 as a reference to instruction.

Darkness: Ex. 20:21, Ex 10:21 the plagues (notice there are plagues mentioned in Revelation as well), Matt 27:45 and Luke 23:44 (when Jesus hung on the cross and there
was darkness for three days, also you can keep reading here to see the earthquake that is mentioned when Jesus gave up His Spirit and said “It is done.” This earthquake
is the one that “rent the veil.” 1 Kings 8:12, Ps 97:2, Isa. 13:9-10 and Matt 24:29 which both refer to the Judgment. Job 18:6, Ps 107:10, Isa 8:22, and Ezek 30:18 all
refer to symbols of adversity. Joel 2:2 refers to “day of darkness,” Eph 5:11 has to do with impure actions, and Ignorance is referred to as dark in Isa 9:2, Isa 60:2,
and Matt 6:23. It also refers to death (which I did just do a lesson on Spiritual sleep in our video series) Job 10:21 and 17:13.

Now as you start following the Scriptures that we found by all the words that stood out or came from looking at the components of this vision you notice, that we end up in Revelation under 6th Seal, It ends up in prophecy books that are quite relevant to things happening now, some even are considered end time prophecies, and notice that we end up in areas of the Bible that describe the “day of darkness,” and that when Jesus died on a cross. It was dark for 3 days. We also end up in Matt 15:38 which is some more practical advice about Following Jesus example of praying before meals. 4000 in Chronicles leads us to Solomon’s wealth  which was described by 4000 horses and chariots which I know is representative of WAR- which is what we are hearing rumors of right now. Isa 34:14 stands out as another confirmation because I know that in Biblical Text fox and jackal were interchangeable and I had a dream about 3 foxes in the last couple of weeks- so it is another confirmation of the validity of this message. Also note that the specific verse in Revelation that we are looking at is talking about how the sky will recede as a “scroll.”
So also another verses I noted in the video was the one from Malachi as it is a prophetic book, an easy read and pay special attention to the titles of the books.
I have been telling yall that the churches are corrupted. Isn’t it amazing that the Lord would give me a vision with the exact components that would lead to this book?
He knows how I do my research yall and He knows my logic so only Jesus could know to give me things that make me able to warn people like I am supposed to with
correct Scriptural evidence and things that back up what I have been saying. So also notice that light and darkness both lead us to Scriptures on Judgment.
Also pay attention to the fact that darkness led us to verses about adversity because that is what we will go through: adversity. Now I also noted in the video that
this vision led me back to yet another reference to earthquake : Luke 23:44 pp Matt 27:45, and pay attention to the Centurions and everyone else’s reactions.
That is what is going to happen now or what I feel is happening. People read these entries or watch the videos and ignore from whom the messages originate and
the Lessons I am learning from whom they come from. You know Jesus was right in front of those people that crucified Him performing miracle after miracle and they
still did not believe Him. So I know people (most people not all) probably wont believe the things I am saying until something actually happens- that is incredibly sad.
Next guys pay attention to the verses we find as references to light:
Matt 5:16- Instruction, John 5:35- THe Fourfold Witness, Matt 5:14- True Disciples (Go let your light shine to the world guys!), Be that light in the darkness!,
Also Ps 119:105 which describes Jesus as a lamp. and Finally another confirmation came from Isa. 8:20 as I have had this verse underlined in my Bible since
November 16th.
So like I said from my first vision- Jesus taught me how He would teach me and confirm that it was Him teaching me. He takes things that He put on my heart to read
that have to do with the future that I dont know why I underline the verses or why it seems important, and then He shows it to me in the future (and it is something that
I have done in the Past- Its a circle just like what prophecy actually is). Prophecy are things written in the past that will be our future that become part of our
History. So Matt 5:14 was also a confirmation because I had underlined it on 11-29-2016. So the last correlation that the Lord blessed me with was how the
descriptions of light for God- Father of Lights, Jesus-the Lamp and light of the world, and Disciples as Lights relates to the same correlation as The True Vine in
John 15. God is the Vine, Jesus is the Vine Dresser, and We are the Branches. We cannot produce fruit without being part of the Vine or pruned (of bad habits)
by the Vine Dresser- which refers back to the lesson I gave on deadworks and how charitable deeds done without Jesus at the center of them often are not worth much.
Our deeds without the Pureness of Heart that Jesus provides us are useless as they are most often not done for the right reasons. And any work we do that produces

So guys, here are the things the Lord teaches me and I am putting them out there for you to research yourself and see how He can tie so many dots together in a seemingly
unrelated points from my vision. The way the Lord teaches is truly amazing! Please open yourself up to it and allow Him to teach you. It will be one of the most
profound experiences of your life. All Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.



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