My Journey with the Lord: Quest for Truth

Ok guys,
So lots of news this morning! First of all You need to go watch Reverand Mary’s Newest Video, and know that I had the name “logan” in my dream a few days ago,
so for me that is the confirmation that what she is saying is authentic.
So a couple of nights ago, in one of my dreams, I had a Sasquatch and a Pegasus. I was not sure what they meant, but I also had the Addam’s family twins in my
dream, as well. Again I had done a little research on the subjects, but I planned on getting up this morning to do some more research on these particular subjects. Now
I do believe you can get more than one message. Now the first message I received from researching the addam’s family twins had to do with the “Christian Supplanter”
which I concluded guys is the devil. he is trying to supplant Jesus on His thrown, and its not going to work. the evil one will also try to steal your truth, and lead
you away into deception so hold onto the things that you know are happening. Do not be deceived.
Now this morning when I woke up and opened Bing was on the news “pegasus set to launch wednesday,” and this could get confusing so please read this however many times
that you need to to get it. Of course it jumped out at me because of the Pegasus in my dream and the name of the female addam’s family twin “Wednesday!”
The Pegasus is a rocket that releases 8 mini satelites that are supposed to orbit the earth about 316 miles above the atmosphere to help predict hurricanes.
They rely only partial radar data and the other part is direct or reflected data received from GPS satelites. Now this is where things get interesting.
Yesterday morning when I was first researching our tv went all wonky when we were watching the news and ended up changing the channel on our tv to “12” and turning off
our dish receiver, so that was really weird, but we knew it happened for a reason. So we started looking up the number 12 which means “apostolic commision”
so we were like ok. Well this morning as I was reading all this news press it said that the original launch date was Monday the 12th! So imagine my shock when
I was like God must think I am a real dummy because sometimes I just don’t get it! Well so as soon as I read that this morning I jumped in with both feet to see
what else I could dig up on “sasquatch” and “pegasus” as government projects both on the NASA sites and the conspiracy sites.
Now their is another meteorological project that supposedly ended in 2004 that was called the Big Foot Project which had to do again with monitoring weather conditions
over land. And yet another project was called the “YETI” project which tied Japan to the internet takeover that happened a couple of months ago and had to do with
that company ICANN. So I urge you guys to look this stuff up because you are not going to see it on the nightly news.
Next as I keep digging (which I havent completely tied everything together), I discovered that the launch of this rocket is going to be in Cape Canaveral Florida.
Now this particular base is owed by USAF, and there is a conspiracy theory of how the USAF has a secret project call “The Pegasus Missions” which are about deep
space exploration, and they now control NASA. Now keep in mind NASA was pretty much shut down a few years back- extreme downsizing, so how can they keep
affording these multi-billion projects such as the ones in florida? So if you do your own research and start coming across this stuff, you are going to
come across alot of Pegasus Rocket Missions etc that were launched from this AF base in Florida. Now none of this really meant much until I stumbled
onto a site about the top 25 notorius spies in the world. I was like “why is this in my search results?” So i start reading this list and as I am reading
I keep running across words from my studies and my dreams the last few days, so I knew I was supposed to be reading it. Now on the last spy was thi story about
how this person was an analyst that got arrested by the NCIS for espionage. Now that totally jumped out at me because I felt very led to watch a recent NCIS episode
and I did last night. Now the whole premise of this episode is about a girl who wrote a theory about “an everyday object hiding in plain site” and it had to do
with the government being spied on. Well the Good Lord has a way of tieing together all the pieces for me. So guys, what I think is that these “meteorological”
satelites that they have been launching have nothing to do with weather. What better way to hide the fact that they can spy on us then to do it in plain site “like an
ordinary object” that is projected as a device to help humanity rather than what it is really for.

Now there is some more to this that i am going to present to you but my research is at a standstill until the Lord reveals more to me.

Now one more lesson from one of these dreams was: Guys we are all in the race of life (as believers) to reach our prize which is eternal life. We are just on
different journeys and face different obstacles, but we have to stick together! We have to work together as being separated individuals from the world
because your government is not your friend, and people living “in the world” are going to call us crazy. So hold onto your truth, stay in a state of repentance,and
get ready to go home because it is going to happen soon! “In the twinkling of an eye”
I give all Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for this amazing revelation and knowledge because only Jesus can show me such things and manage to tie
together the elements in my life from the last few days that would let me know these things were from Him! I love you guys!



My Journey with the Lord: Jesus Prayed for All Believers Before He was Crucified

Hey guys,

Just a quick note tonight. I was working on my “heart” study and I turned to the next verse which was John 17:17, and it just struck my heart in an amazing way.  Go read John 17:6-26. And really pay attention guys, Jesus knew before He would redeem us that we would need a powerful prayer to get us through this world and He supplied it!  Really think about that!  Jesus knew who you were and prayed for you before the biggest moment that would make all the difference in our lives, and before He would get ready to ascend to Heaven.  He prayed for us before He was crucified!  Let that sink it for a bit!  Now isn’t that something to be Thankful for today!  Love Y’all God Bless!  Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for such an amazing word for this evening!

My Journey with the Lord: Let Jesus Drive your Vehicle of Salvation

The Heart
Give All Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

So guys a few things that I want to share today are from some lessons that I had from my last few dreams:

So the first big lessons I learned is: You have to be taught to drive your vehicle of Salvation. So if you are a new Christian or one that is waking up
from being to involved in the world, please, allow Jesus to be your teacher as you learn to drive your Vehicle of Salvation.

Next Lesson: Your house can be messy without being dirty. Let Jesus help you clean your house. He can help you work through mistakes and a messy house.

Next Lesson: You will never achieve perfection on earth because if you could then you would not need a Savior. Jesus died for Sinners not perfect people.
Anything that we do for God should be for God’s Glory not to draw attention to ourselves. So check your motives and make sure they are pure.

Next: If you are selling the Gospel or the Messages that Jesus gives you to share, then You need to stop! Jesus gives you Salvation and talks to you
for free and you absolutely should not be charging other people for those gifts freely bestowed on you. Think Parable of the Unforgiving Servant which
begins Matthew 18:21.

Next Go do a Bible Study on the Heart as it is very important. Jesus is the Discerner of Hearts, so I included the link above since it is the one I feel
that I was led to while on one of my research hunts.

Next, as I have said in my videos, Once you hear from Jesus and He starts teaching you, then please go with the lessons that He gives you not what I or anyone
else on you tube etc tell you. Jesus is the Best choice of teacher.
I only keep adding these things that He is showing me about myself because I hope that the lessons might help someone else. We are all in this together.
We are all Pilgrims on the same earth bound for the same place, and Saved by Grace through our Savior Yeshua Hamashiach.
I love you guys and I want to share the amazing experiences that I get to have with our Savior. HE is changing my life and taking me on the adventure of a lifetime.
I also feel like this is what I am supposed to be doing. So know that Jesus loves you and wants to use everyone to benfit the Kingdom.

So Here is the Research from my dreams last night and please understand it is just straight research, and I do believe He leads me to verses on purpose,
but I don’t always understand the importance of the lessons until later on when He reveals it to me.

So last night my dream was about going back to my old school and I passed in the Hall a person that is friend’s with my nephew, came across someone I used to work
with on the military base where I used to work with who in this dream was a “coach” and an art teacher, and I knew my teacher was this guy named Don. Now I also
noticed that I went down some stairs on a sled, and I was also getting a makeover while at this school. Now My class got cancelled because this guy Don was burning
a kids bicycle who went into His garden. Now I never saw it but for some reason I just knew that is what this guy was doing
(of course my dream self could have been supposing or assuming I dont know). Now in this dream I was approached by the coach because He only had me and this kid named
Logan in his class and he wanted me to switch classes, but I was like you are mistaken I am in this class and I showed him my schedule: and what
was strange was my scheduled class times were tuesday and NEO. I knew in my dream it was a Tuesday.
Now I also knew in this dream that this guy Don’s daughter (who I am not going to name) was living with her parents.
Now I also knew that once my class was canceled that I was getting a makeover, so this girl was painting my nails, looking through my makeup,
and what caught my eye about the makeup was there was a “Loreal Flawless Foundation” which is not the makeup I use, but notice “flawless foundation.”
Now in this dream she also didn’t do my makeup but instead starting cutting my hair.
Now the rest of the dream I haven’t really understood yet, so I am going to share with you the things that I have found out and the
Scriptures where I traced certain items to. Now I woke up at 11:10, and looked up the Hebrew word because that is what I have always done with times.

1110- Was the word Bawleq which means to lay waste and it referenced two verses: Isaiah 24:1 and Nahum 2:10. So Isaiah 24 caught my eye especially because it is
under the Title “Impending Judgement on the Earth,” and the spot in Nahum is talking about where Nineveh was destroyed. Now understand that one of the first
verses that I ever came across was in Matthew where Jesus says “I will give you no sign except the sign of Jonah (Matt. 16).” So my first study was on the Book
of Jonah because I thought Jesus was telling me to study it. Next the Book of Isaiah really stands out because for the last two days alot of the items from my
dreams have led me to end time prophecies in Daniel, Amos, Malachi, Ezekiel, and Isaiah, but especially Isaiah. Now yesterday was really interesting because
I ended up on Isaiah 11:11. Now this section is titled “The Reign of Jesse’s offspring,” which represents Jesus. So Jesse was David’s dad, and Jesus was a
descendant of David. So I hope you guys can see how this stuff all starts to kind of come together. Each of my lessons from the Lord seems to build on
the previous day’s lessons.

So next

Flawless Foundation: There is only one flawless foundation guys and that is Jesus, so yesterday my lesson had to do with Building on the Rock, and Getting water
from John’s River which is in Revelation which is the River of Life (I actually had a dream about going to find Rest at John’s River a few days ago, and I woke up
knowing that it meant go rest with God.) Anyways there is only one River of Life that Flows and that comes from God and the Lamb.
So do a study on those things guys as they eare very important. Now Going and Resting with God is vital before the real work begins. Learn to do that now.

Then I noticed that this is the second time “Don” has come in my brain as a name even though I never saw the person, so I looked up the meaning of that name in
Hebrew because all names have meaning in Hebrew : Avinadav, Gershom, Katriel, Melech, Nadav, and Yisrael. Now I look up the meanings of those names:
The first and the last names had no meanings. Now Gershom: stranger is here, Katriel: My Crown is God, Melech: King, Counselor, and Nadav: Gives.

So for some reason on a side note I have to say that I suffer A LOT of spiritual attacks and sometimes they knock me on my butt. So I just knew after reading a little
more that for some reason I was being pursued by darkness and it was going to be allowed because it was helping me build my spiritual walk with the Lord.
And I know its true because I cry out to Him more often, and tend to spend more time in the word trying to combat thoughts of doubt, unworthiness, and being conceited.
Those are my “thorns in the flesh.” Pray for me guys because sometimes after a spiritual attack I feel like total junk, and I know that all that got me through it
was Jesus.

Now back to Don, so in my dream i felt like this man was evil, but that might have been my own prejudices coming up in my mind because I think He represented
God as my teacher, my counselor, etc… All the other names I looked up had very positive meanings such as “Rich, God Beholds.” and the name Logan had Nagav
as a common translation with Don which means “gives”, so it could mean one of two thing or both:
God reiterating He gives me things to share, or He never gives me more than I can handle referencing the pursuant darkness.

Next I looked up Makeover and NEO:

Makeover I thought first had to do with the video that I recorded last night (which I did not post because I felt like something was wrong with it), but after I woke up
and saw “flawless foundation” and thought about Sanctification, I decided to do some research on it.
The first search result it popped up was “makeover of the heart” which was on a Christian blog.
Now that really stood out to me because I had found that study on the heart last week.
So next I looked up NEO because I thought it might be an acronym, but what it popped up was an allegorical study on the movie Matrix to
Biblical themes. So He might be leading me to watch this movie. I am going to pray over that. Now next I read that paper and the lead character’s name in it
is Neo, and the meaning of the name is new, recent, revived, modified. So this stands out because this is exactly what happens to us as we let Christ
transform us more into His character ( I mentioned Sanctification in one of my videos). I also looked up the significance of Hair in the Hebrew culture:
which hair was cut when the destruction of a people was near.

So next I looked up the significance of “Sled” in the Bible and it does have a significance! There was a such thing called a threshing floor sled, and
I hope by now everyone knows about the importance of “threshing” in the end times. If not check out Matt. 3:12 pp Luke 3:17, Daniel 2:35, 2 Chron. 3:1,
Hosea 13:3, Jer 51:33. Now I Knew I had received the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares several days ago, so the reference in Matthew really stands out.

Now the paper above is what I read and what really jumped out was the Biblical example of David because David was Jesse’s Son, the verse in Chronicles above was
about Solomon’s threshing floor. Solomon was David’s son, and Jesus was the descendant as I said of David. But I also had prayed about wisdom so Solomon
was known for wisdom. Now I havent been able to put all of this together yet, so bear with me.
The last thing that I looked up was Coach and Art- So coach does have Biblical significance to Jesus I think as our coach. Coaches (as I found in my research)
know how to put in the things we need to play well, and take out the things that we don’t need.
Art in the Jewish culture depicts their culture, so I was thinking maybe study the culture as our heritage? Like to me the Feasts and things etc…

So all I can really conclude guys is that Jesus is coming back really soon, and everyone needs to get there Hearts right with Jesus.
Now Jesus is the best teacher, best counselor, and greatest physician when it comes to spiritual needs so turn to Him. Pursue a relationship with Him.
Build your house on the only flawless foundation there is- on the Rock which is Jesus. He is the Chief Cornerstone and those who do not choose him now, and
fall for the lies of the antichrist will find Him as a Rock of Offence in the future because while the antichrist is crying “peace and safety”
we that belong to Jesus should be crying “liar.” Next when Jesus starts “teaching and mending” sanctifying you for service, He is in effect “taking you to school.”
The time is coming guys where the only thing that will stand up to the fire that burns the chaff is the qualties that the Lord has instilled in us. The time of
the relevance of the threshing floor for the wheat and tares is very near, and chaff will be thrown in the fire. So guys go give people the gift of Salvation.
Go introduce people to Jesus, and if you don’t have Him- You need Him. Jesus is the Only Rock of Salvation, and time is running out to learn to follow Him,
and I mean really follow Him and learn proper Traditions that He gave us. Learn the Feasts and what they represented. I want Jesus to make me over because I don’t
want to be here when the Great Tribulation starts! I want to go home, and I want everybody else to as well.
I Love you Guys and I hope that this makes sense. I will probably get a video up at some point if the Lord wants me to, but I invite everyone to go get a new Heart
from the Lord, and ask yourself this question Who is like our God? Nobody because no one else can offer eternal life, the Free Gift of Grace filled Salvation, and
love us and want the best for us with out ulterior motives. Jesus loves You for You, so go let Him make you the You that you always wanted to be and meant to be!
Also a few weeks ago, I published a lesson on “travail” and I finally found the site on my bookmarks: