My Journey with the Lord: Flint and White Rock Vision

So Today, I would also like to share some notes on a vision from a couple of weeks ago.
Give all Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

The first note was to a word that I heard a while back in a phrase from one of my very first Visions. Understand that in my visions I often “wake up”
with a specific phrase in my head. Now the phrase featured the word “flint” which is the only part I am sharing because it is the meaning of that word
of which I have recently learned. The phrase came from a website (I don’t remember which one) but it said “The Rock from which the Stone is cut” and the
translation was flint and it was talking about the divine origin of Jesus Christ. I found that phrase when I was looking up the significance from another vision
which featured a shelf of shiny white rocks. It was a terrain I think, and the rocks reminded me of the inside of oyster shells except they were only white and they
were rocks.

The study of this vision led me to verses in the Old Testament where rock was a Symbol of God in the Old Testament: 1 Sam. 2:2, 2 Sam 22:3, Isa. 17:10.

I also noted some references in the New Testament in Romans 9:33, and 1 Cor. 10:4. The verse in Corinthians I find especially important because it refers to Jesus
as our Rock. Now this important note is also leading into a study that I am on right now about “building on the rock,” and to a number from one of the times of
my dreams that led to “foundational support” in gematria. Guys, the only rock you better be building your house on is the Rock that is Jesus Christ. He is the only
foundation to trust your “house” on.

So the time I woke up was 7:32pm, so I looked up “Biblical Significance of 732.” It pops up references to the Hebrew word “arach” which means to wander, journey,
or traveller- which is what we are guys. This earth is not our home. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience not the other way around. We are pilgrims on
a journey, sojourners, travelers etc…One day believers are going home to be with Jesus.
Next it pops up the “spiritual meaning of Genesis 20:6” I simply looked up the verse in my Bible. It also pops up a sermon on Eschatology.
Now eschatology is basically the study of end times, and there are lots of studies on the end times, so be careful and do not get so wrapped up in these studies that
you get led astray. It is best in this instance as in all instances to simply ask Jesus for understanding.

It leads to articles on the Isaiah 17 Prophecy of the Destruction of Damascus.

Now the most important thing that the number 736 led me too I feel was the Greek word “arabon” which means an installment or agreement.
Sometimes, even today, I asked the Lord “are we okay?” Am I doing what you want me to do? Here is the scriptural references to that word 2 Cor. 1:22, 2 Cor. 5:5,
and Eph. 1:14. Please take the time to look these up as I found them especially encouraging today. They are about the Holy Spirit is the gurantee of our inheritance.
If you have the Holy Spirit then I believe you are becoming right standing with the Lord. Believe me please when I say you will know when you have accepted Jesus as
your Savior. It will change your life. He will be and should be your number one priority, the problems of this world will fade away. And do not be surprised
if you lose several people in your life from family to friends, and feel like you don’t belong. It is a normal feeling because we really don’t belong here.
When you start truly living your life for Jesus, others will notice a change in you. Its a good thing! God Bless You All and I Love You!



Single, dog-loving, adventure loving, and content.

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