Love Triangles – A Sermon on Matthew 10:24-39

I have struggling with which dreams/visions to share and the lessons I have learned, and I pray often to Jesus as to which lessons He wants me to share. Today I read this sermon and want to include some extra verses in my own post. Matthew 10:22-39. It not only answered my prayer as to what to share (everything I learn or Hear that could help someone else), but also where our priority in life should be: Please read this article. This particular dream I had was from 11-6 (night) and 11-7 morning. I will include more as meanings become more clear.

Interrupting the Silence

Matthew 10:24-39, Proper 7A, Love, Priorities, Choices, SermonLove triangles. I want to talk with you today about love triangles. You know what I am talking about right? You’ve seen the pictures and headlines on the tabloids in the grocery store check out lines. Love triangles are often the subject of movie plots and sometimes they are the circumstances in which a crime is committed. They are also a part of our lives. The question isn’t whether we are in a love triangle. We are, probably several. The real question is one of priority, commitment, and loyalty.

In the classic love triangle there are three people. One is stuck between two love interests. The two love interests, knowingly or unknowingly, are competing with each other and vying for the time, attention, energy, and love of the third person.

In today’s gospel (Matthew 10:24-39, Proper 7A) Jesus holds before us a couple of love triangles. “Whoever loves…

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