Stay Strong! We are in Spiritual Warfare!

So this morning I woke up feeling a little grumpy, angry, and just beat down. I did not understand it because I was sleeping fine last night and I had two dreams. I won’t really get to far into them but the time I woke up and remembered the last one was 517 this morning. So i cam getting ready for the day, and in the shower I was just crying for no real reason except i felt like people were not understanding the gravity of the situation and the times we are in. Now understand that while in the shower a conditioner bottle was knocked down suddenly behind me while I was on my knees praying and I knew it was Jesus who did it. My first thought was “that is so rude.” However, on the back of the bottle was the words “proven to perform.” and the bottle was orange which does mean danger but it is also the color of hope. So some of the elements from my dream meant :
Danielle feminine version of Daniel means “God is my Judge.”
Next was a name that meant “Strong” and the masculine version of the name was Noah which means “comfort, rest quiet.” Which is exactly what I prayed for last night for comfort and encouragement. So basically in my dream some of my friends were going to celebrate a birthday party at a bar in one scene which they knew I would not go, and then in another scene I am packing up groceries at a “bar” again, so this morning I researched the word and it means Surrounded by sinful people or spiritual enemies. So I am walking around outside cleaning thinking about what I read how 517 means have hope in the unseen and I just felt like junk, like a zombie or my spirit was not completely with me and in some recess of my mind that I was in the middle of a spiritual battle. So when I got in the house I looked in my journal for the section on spiritual attacks and started looking up the verses in it. (I have already share these) and I also just started writing down how i felt and declaring that I would not backslide or tempted by my past. And i declared out loud to the evil one that I would not backslide, I had an eternal future and his fate was sealed. and then all the ugly I had been feeling all morning just left. I rebuked it and it left! You see the devil cannot be around true faith when he is told to leave. You have the Holy Spirit living inside of you and when you declare out loud for evil to leave you alone, it has too! When you declare the Jesus is Lord who died for our sins, the only begotten Son of God, and He was resurrected on the Third day and conquered death- you are showing faith , you are telling evil to take a hike. Immediately guys my heart settled down, the tears dried up, and I felt this overwhelming peace. Then I watched the video that I am sharing on my blog and I just felt better. Confirmation that the Lord is with those who believe, He will provide, and even in spiritual battle He is right there encouraging us. We have the victory if we claim it! So all Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! Victory is ours in Jesus Christ! Stay strong, stay encouraged, fight the good fight! God Bless you all! I love you!




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