My Journey with the Lord:Vision of Encouragement on 11/18/2016

So today when I was praying I really felt like something was telling me just to lay down for a little bit. So I laid down to rest, and exactly 7 minutes after I laid down, I received a vision from the Lord. Now in the vision was a bright red truck that was an older model but nice and in the back end of to me looked like my nephews 64 Ford (old and tan). It was traveling east through a pasture.

Now what really stood out was the red truck, the time I woke up because we all know how significant the #7 is as far as Biblical significance. It symbolizes completion and perfection and the verse reference with it is Genesis 2:1-2. If any readers recall that it was Genesis 2:2-3 that Rhonda Empson quoted this morning in her video. So as always this served as a confirmation to the video she shared. So the time was 3:36pm when I woke up. So the first thing I looked up was red which symbolizes rage and war Isaiah 63:2-3 and Rev. 6:4, Now something I believe everyone should be watching out for is when “they” start saying “Peace and Safety” for that is when destruction will come upon the United States in the form of a mega earthquake. This also serves as a confirmation for the Yeshua’s Servant video that I mentioned earlier. Next this vision especially answered a prayer I had made earlier with the one Hebrew word from #336 meaning “not” in answer to a query. So let me just reiterate that Jesus does answer specific questions directly. Next it is also Hebrew for Island which is in the Spiritual Meaning of Rev. 6:14-which also popped up on my search results for 336. Now Revelation 6:14 is under the Title Heading “6th Seal- Cosmic Disturbances.” Now please pay attention, the first 5 seals have already been opened. The sixth seal has yet to open but it will eventually and the earth will be hit by a giant asteroid. #336 is the Greek word for a taking up, destroying, and slaying.

Now I also turned to page 336 of my Bible and on it was Psalms 80,81,82. In these three Psalms you will see a lot of confirmations to the things that I previously shared which also confirms the validity of this vision: Ps 80:2 (the Tribes), Ps. 80:15 (Vineyard), Ps 81:6 references baskets which were in one of my last dreams, and finally the most important verse was Ps. 81:10 which begins with the declaration “I am the Lord your God…” Now it also mentions “testing at the waters of Meribah” in Ps. 81:7 which I did have to look up because I did not know what it meant. Now Meribah is in Exodus 17:7 and is where Moses struck a rock with his rod to obtain water for the complaining and grumbling Israelites. It meant basically they were testing God. Now gematria of 336 pops up a number of words including Shiloh which is the Messiah, and lion which Jesus is also called the Lion of Judah. More confirmations of who sent me this vision.

Now the most important thing that came from this vision was a reference to Job 22:30 “He will even deliver one who is not innocent: Yes he will by the purity of your hands.”

Now please understand I am always praying for certain friends and specific family members who struggle with belief or are too scared of the reality of our times to really get to involved, and that verse specifically spoke to this situation in my life. I have asked the Lord if I could share this message with you, and received at least 2 confirmations to do so. It means that you can pray your unbelieving family members into Heaven. Now I may be way off base hear in assuming anything because this part was not specifically confirmed, but to me the new shiny red truck represents new people washed in the blood of Christ carrying the old truck which represents other people who are still “dirty” with sin and who have not repented.

Now East is the symbolism in the Bible for love and truth, and pasture is representative of peace in life. I believe that the Lord knows we worry about unbelieving family
members and that is why He shows us things like this so we can have peace in life. You can still head in the direction of love in truth washed in the Blood of Christ,
pray for your unbelieving family or friends so that they can have eternal life. All Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for this message. God Bless You All!
I Love you! (Hebrew Meaning of Ford- pay attention to the verse quoted about wilderness),v14-m.htm

Spiritual Meaning of Rev 6:14, please visit link above.



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