My Journey with the Lord: Vision Meaning Correction

Ok guys, as I always  say that I am human so let me issue a correction to one of my visions that I have mentioned.  It was from the last few days. I am sorry I don’t remember the exact date, but the vision was “A dirt road with a forest ahead and a pile of split firewood beside the road.”  Now like I always say that I interpret things only on what I can research, but I have to wait from the exact meaning to come from the Lord.  So I was watching a fellow maidservant’s video, Yeshua’s Servant, and she said that the Lord gave her a quote “Wilderness ahead, We are not out of the woods yet.”

Now when I watched this that exact vision came to mind, and I am pretty positive that was my confirmation from the Lord and a message that is the meaning of that particular vision.  The verse that was mentioned was Matthew 7:15 which again references “wolves in sheeps clothing.”  I shared that verse with you guys yesterday, so please be on guard for the enemies attacks.  Please put on the Armor of God, and don’t allow your faith to be shaken.  And please talk to God about all these things yourself.  You don’t need to rely on me or any other watchman or maidservant.  Please go to the Lord, He will answer all your questions and talk to you directly.  All Glory For this message to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  God Bless You All!  I love you!



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