My Journey with the Lord: The Amazing Gift of Jesus

Ok guys, so please bear with me. I know I have not got all my dreams up, but I kind of felt like I needed to pause my posts until I got a better grasp on how to research a few of them in light of what God and Jesus were leading me to share, and which ones were the most important. So for right now (I will post my major lessons later today) I am going to share the main points of what I learned this morning.

First: Examine yourself if you call yourself a Christian. Examine yourself if you are feeling convicted, examine yourself in light of what scripture says a Christian, disciple, apostle, servant for the Lord is. Don’t put your trust in what man says it is, but what the Word of God says it is, and ask Jesus for understanding of our mission for His Church. We all have a clear purpose which is to share the gospel and love others.

Second: Do yourself a favor and read the gospel of John and pray for understanding. I will tell you what when the Lord bestows understanding on something, the dots that you have been led through in the Bible connect, the symbols in dreams connect, and your life will just make more sense, and you begin to understand that the Bible is a cohesive whole not just a collection scribbles by some ancients. It a huge story of good vs. evil and out Redemption through Jesus- Yeshua Hamashiach. HE is our only reason we live and have a chance at Eternal life. He is the giver of Life- the Bread of Life.

Third: If you are not awake to what time we are living in, wake up! If talking about end times, revelation and Jesus return scare you, then examine the reason as to why you are scared. Because people who know who they are in Jesus should not be scared of His return but should be rejoicing because it is soon. Next read Revelation and the corresponding prophecies that concern the end times. Please guys pay attention.

That is really all for now except I just want to share that when Jesus teaches you and understanding dawns on you in light of a sign, a dream, or in His Word that it is like being struck by lightening and so much understanding flows into your brain that you can’t possibly contain it, you feel as though you might explode. And you understand for a few minutes this whole concept of how important Jesus is and what He stands for that you just don’t get how others don’t understand. For a few minutes it is overwhelming and then usually I either find myself crying happy tears or laughing because it is all so profound. It is why I feel led to share with you guys because Jesus wants everyone to experience these feelings of amazement. Everything was so intricately designed by God that is really just amazing the things that we humans let get in our way of trying to Find God and Jesus. There is nothing more important. Jesus is more precious than gold, more valuable than any possession or hobby, He is the most amazing Gift you will ever receive. and what He has to Offer is Free. It is Grace and Mercy and Unconditional Love. If you choose the world, you are rejecting Jesus. I love you guys! God Bless All!



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