My Journey with the Lord: Study of John

Now for this dream, I am going to share the most important elements and then the huge lesson I feel like was received and how mazing the Lord is when He combines
all the elements from your visions or dreams into a study on one Book of the Bible. It is pretty amazing and I am sure that the Lord Jesus and Father God can do
things this amazing.
One thing I did learn in the last few days is to look up the synonyms for the objects in my dream because they usually have a synonym that has a Biblical Meaning.

Important Elements of the 2 Dreams from 11-16:
Square Building that was Green and Yellow (This is the second time I have had a dream/vision where I saw a green/white square- the first one was a box)-
Yellow is representative of Shining or Something of High Value. Green is symbolic of flourishing or life.

Elevators outside the building (not inside) with the doors behind it- Ways up out of Current Circumstances.

Projector (2nd projector from my dreams)= Projects rays of lights on a screen or lantern
(Men on Stilts with Candelabras on their Heads)
Candlestick/ Candelabra (golden)- synonym for Hebrew Menorah
Mary Beth (the name Mary particularly)
#2- Unity or Christian Work Luke 10:1-3
#4- heavens, angels, and God’s created intelligence Ezek. 1:5
#6- Humanity (Six Seals of Revelation) We are on the fifth. We have not opened the 6th yet.

Sign that said “18 Years or Older to enter”- led me to a sight about the “Age of Accountability” which is a debated age.
3 Cars- Number of the Trinity- Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Old White Van- for christian’s it symbolizes ministry, for non christian-s it symbolizes a style of living
Gift Basket symbolic of the Love of Christ Eph. 4:8
Robber- the evil one, devil (I knew that is who was represented by the robber)
Frisbee symbolize a “revolution”

#100- which in this case really meant something since that is what the Menorah weighed in pounds. In my dream it referenced days, so the verse that comes to mind
is the measurements of God’s time compared to ours. I am not sure why because 2 Peter 3:8 says one of God’s days = 1000 of our years, but that is what comes to mind.
100 also has a reference to Psalm 100, and in the Meaning of Bible Numbers it represents Holy Flock under the title Witness Intensified with references to Acts 11,
and Lev. 10. There are also 100 Bible Verses about Judgement Day, and it also references on Bing Search Isaiah 65:20.

John- In this Case I believe it means the Book of John, but in my dream it was a person (not important). John in Hebrew means “Jehovah has been Gracious.”
(It is kind of how I feel He has been towards the human race considering what a mess we have made of the meaning of life, His earth, and our sinful downfall)
(This is a very informative site about Menorah which is a golden Candlestick that was Created by God out of a solid block of Gold)
Please view this site for a more accurate knowledge of Menorah. It is very important, this is where all the stuff I was shown in the last few days came together.

Now understand there are several pictures with different headings if you google “Menorah” and look at the images: Seven Thunders, Seven Trumpets, 7 Spirits of YHWH,
There is one picture which labels the candlesticks as “Adonai, Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Power, Knowledge, Fearing Adonai.”, and Jewish Feasts.
You really need to read the above site to understand how the things I am about to share tie into the book of John. It all has to do with the elaborate design of the
Menorah and the references etc in the Book of John.

John 1:1-5 The WORD is JESUS. And what is interesting is HE is the Light of the World, and those belonging to the true Church, The Bride of Christ, are His light in a
dark world. (Like how a projector shines in the darkness or a lantern).
Which also brings to mind Psalm 119:105 which I have referenced many times in my studies.
John 1:10-13 The Light was in the world and the world did not know Him (very important). It is kind of like what is happening now with how people don’t believe
Jesus speaks through watchmen, servants, chosen disciples etc…(2 Peter 3:3-4). They don’t see Jesus work through people right in front of them because they do not
know His voice (John 10:27)

John 1:14 The Word (JESUS) became flesh, and lived among us. Jesus experienced everything we do yet He overcame the world (John 16:33)
Now skip ahead (I am hoping that you read John on your own) to John 1:29 where it says “The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” Then read ahead
to John 3:16-18. Everyone, please understand Jesus came into the world to save it not to condemn it. God and Jesus are long-suffering towards us so that more people
may come to repentance. It isn’t God’s wish that anyone should perish (Please Read all of Ezekial 18).

Now We have to go back a little ways to John 1:23 where it quotes the old testament concerning JOHN the Baptist “Make straight the Way of the Lord.”
The “Way of the Lord” was what one of the numbers from my dream meant earlier in my journey with the Lord.
John 2:19 “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up” is referring to the Lord’s body, and is about the resurrection.

Now go down to John 2:24-25 which talks about How Jesus knows what is in man (mans heart). Notice that the title in this section is the “Discerner of Hearts.”
Reference Proverbs 27:19. Next go to John 3:19-21, humans love darkness more than light. That is the problem. The Lord does not condemn humans, they condemn
themselves by loving the darkness and not the Light.

The reference to Mary I believe was Mary the Mother of Jesus.

Next, as I have been saying that man can learn nothing on his own with the understanding passed on to him from Lord Jesus and Father God (John 3:27).
John 3:29-36 You have to believe in the Son to receive eternal life or the wrath of God abides on him.
John 4:23 “But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.”
Don’t you see guys? There is no half-hearted commitment to God, and now is the TIME when it really matters. He stands at the door.

John 4:48 “Then Jesus said to him, ‘Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe.” This is exactly how I feel about the times now. It
doesn’t matter how many prophecies the Lord sends and they come true, or how many watchmen, servants, or apostles proclaim it, people still won’t believe unless
the Lord performs miracles right in front of them. What is a miracle anyways ? Is it not a child to a woman who thought she was barren? Is it not someone’s prayers
being answered in unexpected ways? Is it not near-death experiences where a person lives? Don’t you see that miracles happen around you everyday even to when you wake up
each morning with breath in your lungs and you just take it for granted.
Now Chapter 5 “A Man Healed at the Pool of Bethesda” has come up in my studies a couple of times and once in particular with the number 1138 which is one of the times I
woke up to write down a dream. It was a Miracle performed by Jesus.

John 5:24-30 Important Life and Judgement through the Son.

John 5:38 “But you do not have His word abiding in you because who He sent, Him you do not believe.” How true is that? You do not understand scriptures that are
shared by watchmen, servants, apostles or disciples that have received revelations from God because you do not have His word inside of you. It is a gift from God.
(Reference John 8:43-44,47)

John 6:27 Do not labor just for earthly food, but for the food that does not perish (paraphrase). The ONLY thing that really matters in life is sharing the GOSPEL.
John 6:48,51 “I am the bread of life.” Guys, that is JESUS. HE IS THE GIVER OF LIFE. What does scripture say in MATTHEW 4:4? Live on the WORD of GOD. JESUS is the WORD.
You get eternal life from JESUS, but not just that He gives meaning to our earthly lives as well.
John 6:63 The Spirit gives life and the words are of the spirit. The flesh profits nothing. (Matthew 26:41 another important reference)
You have to be able to control your flesh to grow with GOD that means fasting (your belly), your habits, your thoughts. You have to practice self control.

John 8:7 “…Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” Guys, we all sin. We ought not to be worried about pointing out our brother’s flaws maliciously,
or overly correcting others when we should be minding ourselves. EXAMINE YOURSELF

John 8:31-36 titled THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE. There is only one truth that Jesus is the only thing that leads to life.

John 9:39 titled True Vision and True Blindness.

John 10:1-30: Several things stand out from this verse to the things I have seen in visions and dreams from robber/thief, doors, TRUE SHEEP recongnize deception
and do not follow a stranger, v10 about the thief which is satan (robber). One important thing that stands out to me about deception here is about the wolves.
Everyone please “beware of wolves in sheeps clothing.” Deceivers can appear very convincing (like the coming of the antichrist and the false prophets) mayn will be
deceived even the elect (Matt. 24:24).
John 11: Lazarus Death at Bethany. Now in my research I have been led to references in Jerusalem, and the name Bethany has been in my dreams MANY times.
As I said all the different things seemed to come together in this one book from so many of my dreams/visions.

John 11:54 references Ephraim which I have already told you guys about.

John 12:25-26, 44-50 is pretty telling about how we should live in this world as Christians. WALK IN THE LIGHT
John 13:34-35 Love others as Jesus loves us.

John 14:1-6 One of the most important section of verses. Jesus “is the way,the truth, and the light, no one comes to the Father except through Him.” You cannot
approach the Father except through Jesus. None of us are that worthy. If it were not for Jesus we would all be condemened.
John 14:15-18 is a reference to the Holy Spirit, our Helper. The Holy Spirit is inside of believers. You are literally a Temple of the Holy Spirit. Act like it.

John 15:1-8 The True Vine Dresser and The Branch (Jesus) is references to the Menorah. (Menorah I believe also has a reference to the 9 Fruits of the Spirit).
John 15:9-17 Again Love one Another, obey the (10) Commandments, and Abide in Jesus (every single day).

John 15:18-25 The world will hate and persecute you because you are not of this world. IF you belong to the world then you are not of JESUS.

John 16:33 This should serve as encouragement, Jesus as a human like us overcame the world.

A couple of references from my dream was Barrabas the ROBBER (John 18:40), and John 19:39 concerning the 100lbs. 200 from verse 21:8, and 153 in John 21:11

In conclusion guys, what everything really boils down to is that JESUS is that answer to everything. He is the only way to TRUE LIFE. You can try to fill that void
inside with addictions, human saviors, bad habits, and even hobbies, but those things are idol worship. JESUS IS THE ONLY SAVIOR. There is not one else that
can match His grace and mercy. And people who call themselves believers, the Bible is very specific of your purpose and how you should act. Be long-suffering towards one
another as Jesus is long-suffering towards us. Share the Gospel with Others. I know I am not the only one who does not want to see ANYONE go to HELL. You can even try to
get to God without Jesus but it will not work because Jesus and the Father are one. That is all for tonight everyone, and please wake up and pay attention to the times.
Be a reader of Revelation. Read the Prophecies about the End times, but most of all EXAMINE YOURSELVES and get right with Jesus and God. You don’t have much longer to do so.
The day of His Return will come like a “thief in the night” 1 Thes 5:2, 2 Peter 3:10, Matt 24:29-44. God Bless you all! I love you!



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