A Word of Encouragement from the Lord

Hello All!Let me start this first of all by saying that all the Glory for this Message goes to Father God, Lord Yeshua Hamashiach, and the Holy Spirit.
NO knowledge that I share with you guys is from me but is taught to me by the Holy Spirit. Please understand that the Lord is my teacher, and I am sharing
with you what He wants me to share. Now last night, it was very clear in the dream that I had (that I have not researched yet) what my assignment for today was
to share this message with as many people as possible. Please understand that I am not special. All glory goes to Him.
The Lord loves everyone equally and does not show partiality in whom He talks to. He will talk to you if you are earnestly seeking Him. So Here is the message of
How the Lord taught me to hear His voice:

1. Pray Humbly and Thank Him- Get down on your knees, clasp your hands with your fingers interlaced, bow your head, and close your eyes. You are going before
the Most Holy God so show Him Respect and Have a healthy Fear of Him. Next in prayer always Thank Him for the day and the air you breathe because He is the giver
of that breath of life and each day. Thank Him for your blessings. It makes Him very very happy to be thanked. Do not trust man or anyone but God. Ask Him directly
about things you learn, don’t rely on other people not even me. Prayer is a direct link to God/Jesus. They will teach you if you ask. All knowledge, discernment, and understanding
is from above.
2. Use a Conventional Bible and a Hebrew Dictionary- Meaning use a Bible with the Old and New Testament (I have a few extras if anyone needs one) that has not had scripture added to it, or anything taken out. I use a NKJV and a KJV, but I have never really heard Him tell me a specific version. You can order a Hebrew Dictionary online. Now please
keep in mind that Jesus is Hebrew. He may talk to you in English etc. but He was a Hebrew and still is. He spoke Hebrew, Aramaic, and the New Testament was written in Greek.
3. Seek the Answers while you wait on the Lord. It makes God happy when we are earnestly seeking to learn from Him. Use your Bible, and research. Don’t trust just any site on the
web, but use good sense and use Biblical sites. Not all of them are trustworthy, but I have every faith that the Lord will guide you to what He wants you to read/see.
4. The Lord speaks to you through your senses that is why you have the ones you have: Sight, Touch, Hearing, etc…He speaks to us all uniquely. It could be through songs, videos, Hebrew, and mostly His Word- which is the Bible.
5. The feeling of the Holy Spirit to the best of my ability to describe it feels like a knot of nervous butterflies in your stomach, like a nervous crazy energy, but in a good way.
and the feelings gravitate up and touch your heart. Sometimes when He is teaching me something I feel so full of this energy like I will burst.
6. Repent and Ask for Salvation Daily. As I have said numerous times “once saved, always saved” is not correct. You should wash yourself in the Blood of Jesus daily.
At night surround yourself with Angels because when you start doing these things satan is going to attack you. He just wants to beat God so he just wants to steal your soul. satan does not care about you like God does. God loves you so much that I can’t even put into words the feeling of God’s love. Look at it this way, He sent His only begotten Son to die on a cross for your sins while you were still a sinner. That is how much He loves you.
7. Pray, pray, pray- never cease praying. Before you go to sleep and after you wake up. Before you study and after you study. Pray anytime the Holy Spirit leads you to pray for someone. Pray for your enemies, pray for anyone difficult that you encounter. Just always pray.

Be Prepared for Spiritual Attacks once you start doing these things:

Attacks: Doubt, Fear, Anger, Confusion, and UnBiblical thoughts.  Anything that makes you feel condemned is from satan.  he condemns you when you are walking with the Lord, Jesus convicts.

Combat the Attacks: Singing praise songs and listening to wholesome music, You can rebuke evil in the name of Yeshua Hamashiach- you absolutely do not have to put up with it. Put on the Armor of God found in Ephesians, Read and Memorize God’s Word. When you feel scared or angry just know some verses to repeat to yourself until those thoughts leave you.

Finally guys from me: The Lord taught me how to hear His voice, it is that still small voice inside of you that may make you think that sometimes you are talking to yourself.
As you grow with the Lord and follow Him wholeheartedly, you will come to recognize is from Him and what is from your own head. I sturggled with wondering if I was crazy for a while and talking
to myself. I promise that this is how the Lord taught me to Hear His Voice.

Also on a side note: If you start having dreams or visions, no matter what or how crazy a dream might seem, if you woke up with it and can remember the details and the feelings it evoked etc…you were
meant to remember that dream-write it down! Pay attention to out of place objects, numbers, the time you wake up to write it down especially in the middle of the night, colors, characters, and environment.
Start researching it. You don’t get free answers. You have to look and research it. Sometimes dreams or visions don’t make sense until later on, but it has meaning.
Nothing that seriously stands out and makes you wonder if God is talking to you happens on accident. It all comes down to How bad do you want to talk to God?
I promise you that the Lord wishes to speak to everyone, longs to have a relationship with everyone not just a few people. The Lord loves you so much, so very much!!!
God Bless All!


On a side note from my own experiences, you may have to give up a few things.  I die to self daily.  I have left my job which was a place of comfort, I do not watch TV, or listen to anything but Gospel Music.  I spend my time working, preparing for what is ahead, and studying.  That is literally all I do.  I have fallen in love with the Lord and I want everyone else to feel how amazing it is to fully Love the Lord with your whole heart.



Single, dog-loving, adventure loving, and content.

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