My Journey with Lord: Night 3 Dreams

My Third Night of Dreams from the Lord
As Always I give thanks to the Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for these dreams, and the knowing in them for what stuff represents,
and for the understanding that dawns on me as I research them. I give thanks for the sites that Jesus leads me too, and the fact that I can share these with you guys.  As Always if you have any insight, please share because I don’t always think I get all the meaning that I should out of my dream.

10/30/2016 I wrote them down at 2:06 am
I had two consecutive dreams that were connected while I was sleeping. As in the first dream was me dreaming in my second dream.
Now understand that in my second dream, it felt so real that I thought we were gone- the Lord had taken us home. I was so disappointed
when I woke up. Im ready to go home. I know that I am just passing through on a journey to experience this earth. This place is not
my home. If you feel like you are at home “in the world” you need to bing or google search what the Bible says about being a part of
the world. Scripture is very clear on this matter.

So in the first dream we were in a church meeting room and we knew Jesus had just taken us home. However, in the dream my mom and I had gone and discovered that my dad had to stay behind to help during the Great Tribulation so we decided to stay with him. However, we went to this meeting with Jesus. Now Jesus in this dream was represented by a little old lady (I don’t know why). We were all given ice cream by Jesus, and I remember that mine was blue with rainbow sprinkles and I had left it in the front of the room. Now the old lady (Jesus) was talking to us and there was this one lady that named “valerie” and she was like “what are all you crazy people looking at?” So Jesus said “lets fix it guys”  as in let’s heal her because she was not seeing Him. So I had been fixing to go get my ice cream because I thought I should eat this gift from Jesus, but when I saw that they were going to perform a healing I was thinking I really needed to pay attention to that. Then the lady who could not see Jesus turned into someone else with a baby, and her husband took the baby. The baby was very hungry so Jesus had milk for it, so I wanted to be helpful and threw out the juice in the babies bottle trying to be helpful and gave it to the husband for the milk. So in this dream I woke up in my second one thinking oh that was just a dream.
So in the second dream we were waiting for Jesus to return and we knew the time was 2:50 Jewish time, 10:50 our time, and my mom, dad, nephew and I all had our alarms set to wake up. I actually woke up before my alarm at 10:38 and my family was already awake. Mom and Dad were in their room talking to my nephew and I noticed that the bedroom though we were at this house was actually their old bedroom from our old house. So we were all waiting and nothing was happening and we were like “Ok maybe nothing is going to happen tonight.” However, I went to look outside anyways (because we knew some of the things that would proceed His Return). No I noticed that the stars were in clusters in the sky and I saw a plane on my left that was very pronounced so I knew it was a plane. It dove straight for the ground and crashed, and started yelling that “something is happening, its happening!” So they all ran out and I could see my brother watching from
his porch and all around things started falling and exploding even in the distance. Mom was saying “The Lord is very angry.” Then something started coming near the house,
and it landed by us and I kicked it because I did not want to explode, and I was thinking in my head that we were safe. Then these balls of liquid started falling and they were all the colors of the rainbow and were filled with alight inside. My brother and I started playing with one then we noticed that a bright light started snatching people away and we saw the girl up the road in the corner house get snatched up while she slept and I said “in the twinkling of an eye.” Then we started hearing the light grab people, and then Mom and I started floating and we grabbed on to my nephew, dad, and my brother. We went up through a light that was so bright that you couldn’t see anything in front of you. I was wondering where my sister in law was. In the blinding light there were memory cards like from a camera all around me and i knew they represented memories of peoples lives and how we would all stand before God and be judged for our work on earth. We all flew up into Heaven over Jesus who was having a pool party and I said “Lord, what about my animals?” and He said “Hold on we are getting them.” Then my dad was like “Oh” like he knew to go them and said “I have to go do something.” Then we landed in this pool type party and Jesus handed me this baby except that it was a grown man in a baby’s body, and I set him on one of the speakers. (There was music). Then we were in a closet and my sister in law was there and she was telling us that her daughter in law had said something on facebook about our comments on Christmas calling us all crazy and she was being judged for those comments. She kind of shrugged because we knew it was up to God now, then I woke up (in real life).
Now I did record a couple of shorter dreams before this that I will write about now and then I will move into what I research.

In the first one, my family and I were at the local state park but it looked nothing like it does. But we knew were at this State Park, and we were camping. We were at peace and it was very beautiful, and God said that the place we were at was our heaven. And He said that in our tents and campsite for a little bit we could enjoy heaven.

Now this may have been part of the same dream or a different one preceding it, but a co-worker of mine was in it – an older man, and this coworker was like “I will show you how to find Jesus” and he dove into the water so I followed, and I could hear moaning and screaming but I knew we were actually headed towards hell and I begged in my dream “Lord, please don’t show me hell.”Then the dream abruptly ended. This dream actually preceded my first recorded two dreams on this post.
So In the short dream, I did not really do research on it, but here after reading it again is what I feel it means. Campsite symbolizes a temporary dwelling which
is what our time on earth is. We are not staying here (the real believers aren’t) and it is not our home. It is a journey only. Now when you die – which is the debt that all men must pay- you go either one of two places after being judged by God for your deeds- you either go to Heaven or Hell. That is it. There is not middle ground. You will go one of the two places. So again, I encourgae anyone who does not have Jesus in their heart, who has not been washed in the blood, and who does not know the Gospel. Please message me, go to, or talk to one of your friends full of faith. So to me i feel like Heaven is going to be very beautiful and hell is a place of torment, now my mom and I went over this dream together, and what she feels like is my coworker represents people that are being deceived by false faiths: religious denominations that place more significance on idols or other men, denominations that think they are the only ones going to heaven, and people who believe in once saved, always saved. My friends, if you are not asking Jesus directly before believing something then you are missing part of the equation. You need to go to
the true author of the Bible to understand its contents. Do not be deceived or stubborn to think that you might be being deceived. Because if you wait until the last minute to talk to God/Jesus about your beliefs, the deception that you are following could land you in hell. Please, go directly to God and Jesus for understanding. Ask Jesus into your heart, don’t wait another minute. You do not want to spend eternity in hell.

Now Here is my research on my other two dreams:

The things that stood out: Old Lady that represented Jesus, blue ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, Blind Lady, milk for the baby.

Now the only thing that really comes to mind with the old lady who represents Jesus was the Bible verse about how sometimes when we entertain strangers we are unknowingly entertaining angels, Hebrews 13:2.
The reason I think this is I know this particular person in my dream was a lady that I have not always thought kindly of, and in this dream she represented Jesus.
Be kind folks because anytime you encounter a challenging person you may be being tested by the Lord

Now then the color blue is the color of the robes worn by the Israel High Priests, and it represents wisdom.
Now the Rainbow sprinkles as always remind me of God’s promise to Noah, and are representative of the fact that God keeps His Covenants. We can trust God.
Don’t trust anyone else not even me, trust God/Jesus.

Now realize that again these first few dreams I took at face value and it was only later in my journey that I learned to research the meanings.
So the Blind Lady from my dream and the milk for the baby just really stood out to me, but I believe that their is a wealth of meaning.
The blind lady could represent people around us who are blind, who don’t know the Gospel, or who don’t know Jesus. They are being deceived. It is our job to reach out to people and share the Gospel.
Now the Milk for the Baby represents a verse to me 1 Peter 2:2 “an newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word that you may grow thereby.” I also found mention of Milk in 1 Corinthians 3:1-2 “And I, brethren, could not speak
to you as to spiritual people, but as to carnal, as to babes in Christ. I fed you with milk and not with solid food; for until now you were not able to receive it, and even now you are still not able.”

Now I do not know much and I am still a baby in scripture really, but I know that I am supposed to be sharing with you guys as I grow with the Lord, so my thoughts on this are that we need to desire the pure milk of the word,
not the diluted understandings of our favorite tele-preachers, or favorite pastors at our favorite churches. My friends go to the Lord for understanding as I keep saying, don’t depend on other people. One of the things that I cam across while I was looking up the verses that the symbols or representations in my dreams reminded me of was a verse in 2 Peter. It is titled destructive doctrines and I am going to include these verses because
they stood out just now , 2 Peter 1-3 “But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on
themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of the truth will be blasphemed. By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgement has not been idle,
and their destruction does not slumber.” My friends their are false prophets out there whose only motive is to steal you from God. Beware of wolves in sheep clothing.

(Sorry about getting off topic a little, but this stuff is really important)

Now the second dream:

The things that stood out were: 1050, 250, 1038, the rainbow balls,the (alarm) clock, the plane, the baby that was a man, swimming pool party.

Now the numbers are always huge for me so in this dream their were 3 which to me is the mark of the Trinity- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Now what is interesting is that 250 is representative of “The Way of the Lord.” Bing search “Biblical Significance of 250, to pull up my search results.

It pops up the Hebrew word of Ezrahite which references verses: 1 Kings 4:31 which is talking about the wisdom of Solomon in 4:29-31, Psalm 88:1 and Psalm 89:1.

1050 was by far one the most interesting numbers I have looked up because it led to the answering of one of my prayers.
1050 is representative of the goodness of God, and if you bing search it with the above mentioned phrase (but substitute 1050 for 250) then you will pop up search results that include a reference to Shiloh which represents the prophetic name of the Messiah.
It also pops up on a whole lot of verses about the goodness of God. Now what is super interesting is before this dream I had been praying to get to know God, so it was really cool to know
that I was given this number in my dream and that is what I was led to and God was answering my prayer.

Now 1050 also led me to Mark 10:50 which is a story I have been led to a couple of times in my journey as what I find to be as encouragement from the Lord about having faith.
It popped up references to Joshua 10:10-50 which had my name in it. Now from Joshua 10:10 I got really excited because it led me to more about Shiloh which also means “The Peaceful One or He who is to be Sent.” (Jesus), and the 12 Tribes of Israel which I had
been studying the last few days. Bible study is very fun when you know it is something the Lord has led you too. For me it was because I kept seeing the name “Jacob,” so I looked him up and started a study on the twelve tribes. It was like the Lord was telling me about my heritage because folks we all originated from the same person -Abraham.
I always feel like that is a confirmation for me that the Lord has indeed got His hands in these dreams and my studies.
It also inverts the numbers to reference Isaiah 50:10 and Psalm 50:10. Please look up these verses as they are very important. Isaiah 50:10 is a verse that talks about trust and relying on God.and Psalm 10:50 “For every beast of the forest in Mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.”

1038 pulls up a search result of the Spiritual Meaning of Genesis 9:12-13 which is the verse about the Covenant he made with Noah!, and a reference to Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Friends is that not profound!  The Lord is trying to reach out to you.  The faith that He requires us to have it is so easy like that of a Child.  The life HE has in store for us is so wonderful if we will just accept His grace filled offer of Mercy!

1038 also pulls up a search result of a call to discipleship that I read.  What I loved about finding this site is that it had the number 250 in the text which was also in my dream.

Now folks, I am learning just like you as i re-explore my dreams, and to me this is very representative of how the world is treating God now. Humans, the creation, are trying to tell God, the Creator of the Earth who owns everything in it,
where He is allowed on His creation. That would be like your pet or child coming up to the parent and being like “This is my house, and you are allowed in this room. You may talk to me here, but I am going to do whatever I want in this house.”
How absurd is that! This is God’s earth and we are His creation, we should revere Him, respect Him, even fear Him, but we should not be telling God where He can go and what He can do on His Creation. How arrogant!
This reminds me of the verse Isaiah 45:9.

Now I looked up the Hebrew Meanings in my dictionary as well  because one of the numbers represented a place with my name on, well it turns out that 1050, and 1038 were on pages besides each other and on almost 2 full columns of these Hebrew words was the my name in Hebrew!  Now I always asked God to please hit me in the head with a brick when He wanted me to know it was Him, so that was what I felt like happened when I saw my name all over the page.

Now to kind of wrap this up because I am sure people are weary of the length of this particular post:
The Clock is symbolic of waiting on God’s Timing, being dependent of an issue on God’s timing 2 Peter 3:9.

The rainbow of course represents God’s trustworthiness to keep His promises.

Plane is symbolic of a world wide ministry for a believer or a fast paced life style for a non believer. Now to me in this dream it really does represent like us being invaded or something. We aren’t going to miss the start of WW3 etc…

The baby that was a man represents the babies around us in Christ that we need to be helping to grow.

Now Guys I will follow up this post with one a little more about a specific phrase that I woke up with, and some more research on the Hebrew meaning of the names from my dream.  I am just now really learning about that stuff so it would be a bit premature to share.  As always God Bless you guys!  And I love you!




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