My Journey with The Lord: Dream 2

My next dream happened on October 29,2016. Someone from my dad’s work was going to sell us a fifth wheel that looked like a horse trailer for $600. We knew we should not be spending money because we were waiting to see what was going to happen in the world , but the guy said he would take $300 now, so we went ahead and started buying it. I was going ot live in it even though I knew it was not as good as the one I have now. When they parked it, however, they parked it on its end with the gooseneck/loft in the air because that was the only way they could park it in the space that we had. When you went in the loft appeared to be up 3 stories of stairs, and I was scared to go up in it. We thought we could use it as some sort of “crow’s nest” in the future. But I did end up going up there and it took no time to get up the stairs, but when I got to the top, the trailer started flipping all around and i was rolling all in it. Through the windows I could see all the animals moving out of the way as it flipped and mom and dad watching until I came to a landing. When I got out, we were not longer in the town we are now, but in our hometown in our old goat pasture next to our old house. I woke up then with the phrase”God, you are fixing to turn my world upside down.”

Now please understand as I said before that I only took most of these dreams at face value when I first started having them,so deep down I know now that I was really wholeheartedly trying to walk with God that my world was never going to be the same.

So today I started looking up some of the components of my dream as I have learned to do since this all started:

The Number 600, The Number 300, and Well I tried to look up horse trailer, but I couldn’t find anything. The number 3 again as in three flights of stairs to the loft.
(What is interesting about the horse trailer is in the dream that I received last night- I bought a horse).

Number 3 as always symbolizes the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Number 600- Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary is the word “anaph” which means “a face,” and popped up verses references specific to Daniel 2:46 and 3:19.
It popped up results to a prophecy site whose web address is listed below. What is interesting is the verses that were on the page of this site that it took me too: 1 Cor. 2:7-10, Psalm 90:4- which is a verse that was on a Yeshua’s Servant video last night (Psalm 90), and finally 2 Peter 3:8. Now what is especially interesting about 2 Peter is I was fairly certain that I heard a Peter Verse in my dream last night and 3 was the number I noted
of objects in it. Now what is even more amazing to describe how God works is that I read 2 Peter 3 several weeks ago in my studies when the understanding of the Book was granted to me, and most of 3 has some very important parts underlined such as 2 Peter 3:8. Now take a look at the prophecy site and tell me it is not amazing how Jesus/God talks to us. Think of it like this (because I cannot do the math: 1 thousand of our years = 1 Day to the Lord, one hundred thousand = one million, and one hundred million = one billion) The earth is 4.55 billion years old according to scientific standards, how close do you think we are getting to the time that has been alloted to the earth according to scripture?

Number 300- symbolic of valiant men with reference to Judges 7:6, but read all of that chapter. What is super interesting is that my name is in that book 3 times-which that is not the first time the Lord has showed me my name on a place in what I feel are confirmations that my dreams are from Him. Not only my name was
but the name of Ephraim- which is another whole post because God led me on a study of the Twelve Tribes a few weeks ago. Did you know that the United States is thought to be the Tribe of Ephraim? The number 300 also led me to a search result called the Bible Wheel which uses gematria (which I mentioned yesterday not knowing about this site) which is a numerical assigned system tied to the Hebrew alphabet. The interesting thing that the number 300 on this site led me to the entry “Ruach Elohim” which means “Spirit of God.” Please copy and paste the links below to explore some of this research yourself. I challenge you to go see what else the number 300 is symbolic of.

And as always Give all the Glory for these dreams and their various researched significance to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
Please leave a comment if you like, or if you have further insight into any of the meanings. What I find truly amazing that the Lord has been teaching me terms “gematria,” doing
studies on the Twelve Tribes, studying a little bit of the history of Ephraim, and reading these specific verses/books of the Bible all after this dream took place,
and knowing in all His Glory and Knowledge that I would not look up the meaning of any of the components of this dream until after I had researched some of the stuff it led me to.  Now on a final note what was kind of funny and crazy is that last week I had to move back in with my parents because my fifth wheel has roof leaks.  While I was moving some of my belongings to their place and filling my old house with their storage from their extra bedroom, I just kept looking around at what 2 weeks ago was my house and saying “My world is upside down.”  and My mom exclaims “just like in your dream.”
Tell me Jesus/ God do not work in mysterious ways.



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