My Journey with the Lord: Dream 1

Alright, please understand that when we first started seeing these YouTube Videos about coming disasters etc… that I was very weary of them. I had already been
throught this oncee with my family my senior year of High School when we announced that we were moving because God told us too. People called my family crazy, I had
no friends really, and even some of the teachers were laughing at us behind my back. While I did not move here initially, I do believe that this is where we are
supposed to be and it has been a positive thing in my life lliving in this little town. So keep in mind that I am pretty much a novice at this whole dream thing,
and for the most part I took the first one at face value believing it to be the confirmation of the things I was seeing (I had prayed about it that night.) God
really does answer prayers if you are sincere when you pray, it is not for selfish gain, and you don’t doubt that He will answer. So it was a while before I learned
to research my dreams, but more on that aafter. I give all Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (I learned to do this from one of my watchmen). Everything
that I have learned in scripture is not my own, but from above. I would not have this understanding or even these dreams if God/ Jesus did not bless me with them. As far as the things that I am going to share, they are simply the dream as I wrote it down that night, my feelings, and the research I did. Please pray over it and ask God/ Jesus to reveal the things going on to you, don’t take my word for it.

The Dream
I woke up 12:42am to write this dream down because I felt in my heart that it was from God and very important.
Now in my dream I was at home getting ready to take a bath, my nephew was getting ready to go somewhere (he was going to get his new truck the next day), and my mom was there. This girl named Crystal was there (I went to school with her in high school), and she was asking me if I wanted to see the asteroid that the whole world was watching for. Under my breath I said “no, not really” because it was old news to me. I knew it was coming, but that we were safe. Some of the dogs were inside and some outside (I noted this). I went to look through her telescope and I saw 3 large fiery balls that I knew were asteroids-1 large one and 2 smaller ones. I ran to tell my mom because they were closer than we thought they would be. It was like we knew to brace ourselves for their impact. When they hit the atmosphere they broke up and went in different directions. I hugged mom as booms like bombs started sounding where they hit. We heard a loud pop in the house. And although you could not see them right next to you, you saw little white clouds that I knew were souls of the people who died on their way to Heaven. My mom was trying to be tough or something was saying under her breath “you missed us (to God) what else you got?” (Now understand that I do not believe this would be my mom’s attitude at all in a situation like this, but that of the unbelievers who would challenge God when things start happening. Some of them think of God as this evil dictator.” Then my mom said “want to get your dogs in?” Because the safety of my dogs is very important to me. I saw the electricity flickering and just as you knew the cable was fixing to go off- the person on the news who was at some sort of conference or something was being told about the asteroid. Right before the news went off I saw “Asteroid strikes in 2050” blinking at the bottom. In the dream, I remember thinking that is was the year and history had just been made.
I went to the bathroom where I had heard the pop when one of the asteroid pieces had landed not right by us because there was no crater but pretty close. You could see at the top of our hill the lines and electric poles were down all broken up and some of them were out of the ground. I found that the pop was an electric cord being blown apart when it hit and it was laying in a pool of water from the overflowing tub. My first thought was to unplug it (which I almost did and got shocked) and thinking “don’t do that dummy you will electrocute.” So i yelled like 3 times for someone to turn off the electricity,
interrupting my mom who was telling my nephew that he would not be going to get his truck tomorrow. So then he and I walked down the hallway which turned into the road to the hill to turn off the electricity at the box (which is actually in our hallway). I remember he was trying to be humorous under his breath saying “He couldn’t wait until tomorrow (to God, to start the end of the world).” In the dream , he was not being disrespectful but more of trying to be humorous, but you could feel his frustration and his anger when he knew nothing would ever be the same again. So I when I got back I told my mom “I’m hungry,” and she said “We have food, but we are going to have to make it (outside on a fire). We are on our own now.” (Meaning no utilities or luxuries). I knew that we weren’t going anywhere just like I knew that my brother and dad were on their way home from work. We had no fear of being hurt by the asteroid, but knew we were fixing to face the endure part. We were prepared and strong.

I wrote down some details at the end that I am going to note:

My mom and I were praying when we were hugging. She was praying that the asteroids would not hit to close, but I knew they wouldn’t that we were safe and I was praying for all the people dying that God would forgive them of their sins.

The time that the asteroids hit was sunset and evening, and were 3 pieces heading in different directions before they broke up in the atmosphere.

I also remember that when i shocked myself in the bathroom I thought “how have i not died yet when I do such dumb things?” and the words “divine intervention went through my head.

Now onto the research. Understand that I only researched the numbers and objects yesterday, but that originally I took this dream at face value as a confirmation of the things that I was seeing.
I watch several watchmen on YouTube that you are welcome to check out: Dan Shelley, Yeshua’s Servant, Jason Eli, Reverand Mary, and Rhonda Empson. A couple of them do not claim to be watchmen, but do share their experiences.

The Words and Numbers I looked up : 2050 which in Military time is 8:50 pm, asteroid, end of the world, hallway, road, the number 3.

Now the Number 3 which i see in the number of objects in my dreams is representative of the Trinity- Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The number 2050 had several meanings , in the Greek lexicon it is the number of the word “eremosis” which means destruction or decay. In Hebrew, it is the word for “break in upon.”
The number 850 is Greek for “dirty or obscure” and Hebrew for “restful.” I did look up 850 because I try to look up corresponding numbers, but my focus was mainly the 2050. In my dream, I thought the number was the year, but more than likely it was a time or it meant something. Now typing up “Biblical Significance of 2050” pops up several interesting results that you can look up yourself:
“The Biblical Result of Death,” “Spiritual Meaning of Genesis 8:4-5,” and on it is the number of one of the future sabbath years.
It also pops up an interesting not from the ICR’s Dr. Steven A. Austin of a recording of the greatest earthquake in the Bible that of the breaking up of Sodom and Gomorrah that took place in 2050 BC.

Let me give a little background on the sacred calendar which is a chart of sabbath years and Jubilee years. If you think numbers don’t play an important role in the Bible, Look up the word “gemetria.”
Now the sacred calendar is based on an initial start date of the Messiah’s ministry starting in either 27 AD or 28 AD. The date is debated. The Jubilee is said to be a proclamation of starting in Luke 4:18.

Now when I look up certain words from my dreams that stand out, I use the Bible Dream Symbol Dictionary which is a compilation of two written books that relate the symbols back to scripture.

Asteroid symbolizes potential destruction and notes Rev. 8:10. Now if you look in Revelation under Chapter 6 to the Sixth Seal titled “Cosmic Disturbances” please note the importance of “Cosmic” and the reference of the “great earthquake.”
End of the World Dreams are usually symbolic of preparedness and repentance. (You have to repent daily not just once. I have learned that in the last few weeks. Wash yourself in the blood of Jesus daily.)
Hall and Roads symbolize long monotonous journey (hall), and road is symbolic of a person’s journey in life or a choice.

Now looking back at this dream, I do believe it was a confirmation, but I also believe the fact that the individual components hold so much meaning that it can only be from God. I would love to hear anyone’s opinion on the meaning.
If you feel like scoffing or mocking, please feel free to not follow my blog, or not read these posts.
Also if you do not have a relationship with Jesus, please message me, visit, or even turn to the Book of Romans and start reading. Romans 10:9 is a Salvation Verse. God/Jesus do not ask for perfection, but they do not want  anyone to go to Hell. They want a relationship with each and every person, and will meet you where ever you are at! You just have to repent of your sins and ask Jesus into your Heart, then watch how your life will change.



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