My Journey with the Lord- How I receive Confirmations

So I think the best way to share my dreams is to share the absolute truth of what i dreamed as weird as it is , and how i researched the meaning and what I learned. Now understand, I do not want anyone to just place wholehearted truth in the things that I am saying without going to God and Jesus yourself in prayer and asking its validity. I ask the readers to please pray that I am only sharing what God wants me too, as well. I think honesty is always the best policy, and it is only my job to share it not to convince anyone. If you do have insight into any meanings please share with me so i can pray over your thoughts as well. Now the first thing I did this morning was a study on Spiritual Warfare because I do not want to wrongfully say that things are from God/Jesus if they are not. It is blasphemy and a sin. So like I said, I am sharing just the truth of my dreams, the things that I have learned, and the lessons I feel that I have been taught. Now as I explained my vision set the foundation of how God was revealing thins to me I do believe, so the way I have been confirmations is happening in certain ways either I will see a watchmen’s video and dream a confirmation, see the verses they watchmen quoted later in the week in my devotional studies (which are completely unrelated), or I will read a group of verses or a book and share them at work as my verse of the day, then hear those verses in my future studies and realize that i had underlined them weeks/days before not understanding why they were important. I have also found that sometimes the confirmations comes through words of others or I see the numbers from my dreams in random places. Let me just tell you that when you start to see all the ways the Lord tries to speak to us to get out attention and how He has been trying to talk you throughout your life in what seemed to be a series of unrelated/ random events that you will be truly amazed. Almost everything happens for a reason either it is the enemy trying to destroy us or it is the Lord trying to wake us up from living in the world. Nothing is random, and nothing surprises God. He knows all the days of our lives.



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