My Journey with the Lord Begins

I have been really hesitating about what to share of my experiences with the Lord as I was not sure what He wanted me to share or when He wanted me to share it. I am past caring what people think of me or what they may think about what I am fixing to share, but if there is one thing I could share with anyone then it would be my faith and the amazing feelings that arise when Jesus and God are the most important things in your life, and are guiding and teaching you. So Here goes, in early September my family enjoyed a spiritual revival through several of God’s watchmen that we saw on youtube. It woke us up to what is going on in the world. Now like everyone I was very skeptical at first, and if anyone didn’t know this is similar to something that my family went through when I was graduating High School, my parents were told by God in dreams to move to Portales as it was a safe place. That is the reason we ended up in Portales. Now we began watching the watchmen in late September, praying about what we were watching and praying for confirmations so that we were not led astray. I am only going to share what has been communicated with me not with the rest of my family. For tonight I will share with you how the Lord taught me how he would communicate with me and then I will start sharing my dreams that i do believe are from God. The first thing I ever received from the Lord was a dream, but to better understand it Let me share my next thing which I tend to think of as a vision. After my dream which I was not sure of, I closed my eyes and in front of them flashed an “orange hourglass against a dark sky.” After lots of research I determined that the dark sky was representative of danger and that orange represents hope but also danger and the hourglass represents that time was running out.” I saw the same image three times that night each time that I shut my eyes. Now God who knows me better than anyone knows I like to research so what was pretty amazing that while I was looking up stuff about this vision and the first dream was i came across a phrase on a website “Prophecies from history about the future that will become history in the future.” It has laid the foundation for how the Lord speaks to me. Even more amazing is that I ended up on a blog site that was keeping track of current events in relation to Bible prophecy. I did not notice until the next day that the person had named their site “God’s Hourglass.” So i will start sharing my dreams tonight or tomorrow, and if anyone has any questions about God or Jesus or being saved then om me and I will be glad to share the gospel with you. I also want to make sure that all the glory for what I have been taught goes To God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Please understand that I am not a watchman, but just a servant- I believe a maidservant as I have seen the phrase and heard it numerous times in my studies, but more on that later. God Bless all!!



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