My Journey with the Lord: Video 2


My Journey with the Lord: Flint and White Rock Vision

So Today, I would also like to share some notes on a vision from a couple of weeks ago.
Give all Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

The first note was to a word that I heard a while back in a phrase from one of my very first Visions. Understand that in my visions I often “wake up”
with a specific phrase in my head. Now the phrase featured the word “flint” which is the only part I am sharing because it is the meaning of that word
of which I have recently learned. The phrase came from a website (I don’t remember which one) but it said “The Rock from which the Stone is cut” and the
translation was flint and it was talking about the divine origin of Jesus Christ. I found that phrase when I was looking up the significance from another vision
which featured a shelf of shiny white rocks. It was a terrain I think, and the rocks reminded me of the inside of oyster shells except they were only white and they
were rocks.

The study of this vision led me to verses in the Old Testament where rock was a Symbol of God in the Old Testament: 1 Sam. 2:2, 2 Sam 22:3, Isa. 17:10.

I also noted some references in the New Testament in Romans 9:33, and 1 Cor. 10:4. The verse in Corinthians I find especially important because it refers to Jesus
as our Rock. Now this important note is also leading into a study that I am on right now about “building on the rock,” and to a number from one of the times of
my dreams that led to “foundational support” in gematria. Guys, the only rock you better be building your house on is the Rock that is Jesus Christ. He is the only
foundation to trust your “house” on.

So the time I woke up was 7:32pm, so I looked up “Biblical Significance of 732.” It pops up references to the Hebrew word “arach” which means to wander, journey,
or traveller- which is what we are guys. This earth is not our home. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience not the other way around. We are pilgrims on
a journey, sojourners, travelers etc…One day believers are going home to be with Jesus.
Next it pops up the “spiritual meaning of Genesis 20:6” I simply looked up the verse in my Bible. It also pops up a sermon on Eschatology.
Now eschatology is basically the study of end times, and there are lots of studies on the end times, so be careful and do not get so wrapped up in these studies that
you get led astray. It is best in this instance as in all instances to simply ask Jesus for understanding.

It leads to articles on the Isaiah 17 Prophecy of the Destruction of Damascus.

Now the most important thing that the number 736 led me too I feel was the Greek word “arabon” which means an installment or agreement.
Sometimes, even today, I asked the Lord “are we okay?” Am I doing what you want me to do? Here is the scriptural references to that word 2 Cor. 1:22, 2 Cor. 5:5,
and Eph. 1:14. Please take the time to look these up as I found them especially encouraging today. They are about the Holy Spirit is the gurantee of our inheritance.
If you have the Holy Spirit then I believe you are becoming right standing with the Lord. Believe me please when I say you will know when you have accepted Jesus as
your Savior. It will change your life. He will be and should be your number one priority, the problems of this world will fade away. And do not be surprised
if you lose several people in your life from family to friends, and feel like you don’t belong. It is a normal feeling because we really don’t belong here.
When you start truly living your life for Jesus, others will notice a change in you. Its a good thing! God Bless You All and I Love You!

My Journey with the Lord: Travail, Jesus Return, False Religions, and the End

So today I wanted to share with everyone the things that I have received in my dreams and visions from objects to numbers in the last few days.
I may add more details later as the Lord reveals meaning to me, but for now I will share some of my research that the Lord has led me too.
Please remember that the things I share that I learn are things I learn with the help of the Lord. Understand that I could do none of this  on my own without Him, so please give all Glory to God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

I want to add a few more people to the list of who I watch on youtube: Terri Taplin and a guy who shares on his page “Sharing the Gifts.”

So one of the first things I want to share is on a Lesson I learned about namesake and the names of God.
We all seem to think everything that happens to us from what our parents named us to where we God told us to live…is random or just our parent’s choice.
Wrong. God chose our names, He knows us and Knows everything about us. He knew our names while we were in our mother’s womb. There was a huge significance to
names in the Hebrew culture. Names basically encompassed who you were as a person, personality and character traits etc…So the first thing I would invite all
to do is look up your name in Hebrew, and if it does not pop up the meaning then look that up. You can do it on a site called “sheknowsbabynames.”
Now you also need to look at this Biblically, and pay special attention to specific times when God changed people’s names. For example: Abram to Abraham,
Sarai to Sarah, and Jacob to Israel.
Now the second part of this lesson is also a lesson the English translation of the Bible. Our word God is a very loose translation to mean supreme being,
whereas the original words in Hebrew were words that encompassed His whole character and traits of who God is. The Hebrew culture/ Jewish Culture (hope I am
getting that said correctly) revered the name of God so much (as it was in their language) that they won’t even spell out the word, or say it fully- which is
how and why they came up with words like “Adonai” and “Elohim” etc to describe God because they would not say His name. They also spell it abbreviated YHWH because
they won’t spell it out on paper. You will also notice on a lot of websites, if you bother to look, that most Jewish scholars spell it G-D rather than GOD because
they again are revering His name. This also leads to an interesting study (understand my studies seem to connect) about the Third Commandment “Thou shalt not take the
name of the Lord Your God in vain.” There is a reason for this besides the fact that you should revere it and Fear God. Have you ever heard “there is power in the
name of Jesus?” That is because it is true. There is power in the Names of Both the Father and Son. Probably a power that our puny human minds cannot even fathom
and which has meaning in the physical and spiritual realms. So tread carefully. DO NOT TAKE HIS NAME IN VAIN. RESPECT GOD THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.
Imagine this God is so powerful He spoke the world into being, so don’t be testing HIM.

One of the next things I learned is the spiritual meaning of TRAVAIL. Ok so I heard this word whispered to me while I was driving one day, and I finally looked it up
a few days later (sometimes I forget to do things). Travail refers to a woman in child birth (direct correlation to the state of the world in the end times). Ok it is
also a spiritual condition that ties into what I shared a few days ago about “Prayers of Intercession.” Basically it can happen to a man or woman and is a cramp that
you will feel on occasion when you pray for the forgiveness and salvation of others- even to help with others problems. It is almost like a sign of spiritual battle
the way I understand it that you can feel when you are fighting against evil for someone else. Fighting for someone else- LOVE for others- means you must pay a price
to save that person and sometimes it comes in the form of a physical pain in spiritual combat.

So Travail Literally means “Painful or Laborius Effort.” I found a really good testimony of a guy online about How Jesus taught him “travail.” Here is a quote that I
also liked and some scriptural references “figurative of the pain and anxious struggles against the evils of the world in the souls effort to attain the higher ideals
of the Christian life.” John 16:21, Romans 8:22, Galatians 4:27.

It is also referenced in Genesis when God tells Eve she will suffer greatly during child birth and in Revelation 12:2 in reference to the woman in childbirth in the end times.

Now anyone who is reading this, please pray over it, whatever you need to do, But please get right with God through His Son Jesus- Yeshua Hamashiach. Please repent daily,
wash yourself in the Blood of Christ daily, read Psalm 91 daily. Jesus is returning soon, the end of things as we know it is upon us. Stock up on food and water because there
are hard times ahead. Be prepared physically and mostly spiritually. Be prepared to share with others. DO NOT GO TO FEMA CAMPS. DO not believe the governments “peace and safety” stuff when it starts. Break away from false religions and false indoctrinization. Don’t just learn from pastors etc- learn from Jesus. He will give you direct revelations of His word. I cannot tell you how many times I have read “get your house in order” and both my parents have been told this by the Holy Spirit- “Get your House in Order_ physical and spiritual.
You guys are running out of time. Stop thinking that the happenings of this world and daily life is the most significant thing. IT IS NOT. THIS IS NOT OUR HOME.

Pray without Ceasing. Ask God and Jesus to communicate with you about the state of the world and He WILL.
He is not keeping what is going on a secret. There are many people receiving visions and dreams, trying to get the population to understand that Jesus is ready to rapture His church, and the un-repentant are going to have to answer for their sins.  Everyone will stand before the judgement seat of God.  And every arrogant person out there who is telling God “if you want me to believe in you talk to me Face to Face.  You will get your face to face when you stand before His Judgement seat, and I pray that you have repented by that time.
I also want to make a special note on false religions. MAN MADE RELIGION is not of God. There are so many corruptions in the church today it is no wonder that
the Lord is angry and God is wrathful. It is disgusting the way we have perverted God’s feast days and High Holidays or drowned out the true purpose with “santa” or the “easter bunny.”  Halloween in a church even if it is disguised as “fall festivals” etc is an abomination.  Halloween is high holiday for witches and the devils day.
It is disgusting that there are churches out there teaching that it is ok to idol worship and have omitted “idol” from the Ten Commandments so that their RELIGION looks like it is teaching sound doctrine. It is disgusting that their are religions that place other texts as sacred as the BIBLE.
For example In Florida, their is a place called Ola Olu which is a spiritual retreat led by an ogun priest that teaches spiritual finding of a sacred guardian in the center of their labyrinth walk.  It is a religion of the Yoruba peoples and a branch off of catholicism, anglican and orthodox RELIGIONS.  Ok I am all for spiritual journeys and knowing who you are to Jesus, but the new movement of “spirituality” is something completely different. It is disgusting that there is huge church that teaches you have to go through a priest (who is a fellow sinner) to be forgiven, or write the pope to get a divorce. Jesus is our mediator between us and God- NO ONE ELSE.
You do not have to go through a fellow human. You go through JESUS ONLY. HE IS THE ONLY SAVIOR. Prayer is also a direct link to God. HE hears your prayers. You do not
go through anyone but JESUS to reach God. Understand that true faith is of God. And a faithful person as I have learned is a walking Miracle. Man Made doctrines and religious
jibber jabber is just that junk. It is useless and leading people astray. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. Turn to Jesus! He is the only Savior.

Until Next Time Guys! God Bless All and I love you! Glory to God the Father, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

My Journey with the Lord: Love Letters to God

So basically, today I wanted to share How the Lord Taught me to Write Love Letters to God. It has only one step.
1. Count your blessings. That is it. Count your blessings privately between you and God in prayer or on a list to put in your Bible.

I was specifically doing this one night because I was feeling like I did not know where to study that night and I had too many dreams/ visions with half interpretations and while I was listing mine, Jesus said “love letters.” When you count your blessings and say thank you, you are writing a Love Letter to God. It was last night that I heard from one of the watchmen that says that the Bible is God’s love letter to us. God Bless you guys! I love you!!!

Love Triangles – A Sermon on Matthew 10:24-39

I have struggling with which dreams/visions to share and the lessons I have learned, and I pray often to Jesus as to which lessons He wants me to share. Today I read this sermon and want to include some extra verses in my own post. Matthew 10:22-39. It not only answered my prayer as to what to share (everything I learn or Hear that could help someone else), but also where our priority in life should be: Please read this article. This particular dream I had was from 11-6 (night) and 11-7 morning. I will include more as meanings become more clear.

Interrupting the Silence

Matthew 10:24-39, Proper 7A, Love, Priorities, Choices, SermonLove triangles. I want to talk with you today about love triangles. You know what I am talking about right? You’ve seen the pictures and headlines on the tabloids in the grocery store check out lines. Love triangles are often the subject of movie plots and sometimes they are the circumstances in which a crime is committed. They are also a part of our lives. The question isn’t whether we are in a love triangle. We are, probably several. The real question is one of priority, commitment, and loyalty.

In the classic love triangle there are three people. One is stuck between two love interests. The two love interests, knowingly or unknowingly, are competing with each other and vying for the time, attention, energy, and love of the third person.

In today’s gospel (Matthew 10:24-39, Proper 7A) Jesus holds before us a couple of love triangles. “Whoever loves…

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My Journey with the Lord: God’s Love

So today is 11/21/2016, and I woke up last night after a beautiful dream. Now let me just say that the Lord blessed me with a beautiful love story (not in a bad way),
but in a way that too me is a perfect demonstration of His love. God loves us. Plain and Simple. He loves us when we are made right with His Son through the
washing of Jesus Blood that makes us white as snow. Jesus is LOVE. God is Love. They are literally the epitome of love. Everything that we humans do without God/ Jesus
that we call love is nothing more than a crude fascimile of selfishness done from our own perspectives. I don’t feel that I need to use John 3:16 again to prove this
point, but there are so many other examples of God’s love in the Bible. Look at how He treated the captives that He set free from Egypt. HE tried time and time again
to save them, and they were ungrateful even going so far as make a golden calf to worship. Still He was always right there ready to forgive and love them.
That is how God feels about all of us, and the whole reason Jesus died on the cross for us. Jesus was and is everything that we are not. He died for our sins
out of this great love, and He is always standing at the door of our hearts ready to forgive and full of grace. I can honestly promise you from personal experience that
if you let Jesus into your life that it is the most amazing feeling in the world. You are never alone. He is always with you. You are held in God’s hands and protected.
You need not be afraid or fearful. God loves you because the Son loves you. You are worthy for that reason. Anything else that makes you feel unworthy is
from satan. the devil came to condemn and accuse while Jesus comes simply to love. I promise that God has a perfect plan for your life. I just can’t express enough
what God’s love feels like. It is simply the most amazing feeling ever more than can even be put into words. Let Jesus into your heart and you will be glad you did.

All Glory to Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  I love you guys!  God Bless All!!