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We are called to share our testimony as Christians for what God has done in our lives. Everyone has their story to tell even if some of the parts of it are not so glorious. Here is mine and to any of my friends who are not Christians, Contact someone who is if this touches your heart. God loves you and he does not wish for anyone to go to hell. He loves you and he sent his Son to die on the cross for your sins. My witness: I went through high school a loner, and have been most of my life. I have always had a deep distrust of people, been disappointed by many, and developed a sarcastic attitude that put people off and kept me from getting hurt when i got to close to people. I went through phases through my school years and young adult years where I would go to church or read my Bible, but I never stuck with it. I got baptized at a church in my hometown and had prayed the prayer in Romans and thought cool i am saved, but nothing changed in my life. I still didn’t like life and moved from one project to another never fully getting involved in anything. I always wanted to be completely passionate about one thing- that thing that makes you lose track of time, and searched for it in all the wrong places- different majors in high school, boys, hobbies etc..None of those things helped and even when I got wrapped up in running my own business- I was still miserable. I can remember just crying alone all the time because I never understood why I felt so empty. So one day in my coffee shop, I decided to pray the prayer in Romans no matter how many times it took until I felt saved. I didn’t know how you were supposed to prove to God that you were sincere except to pray the Salvation prayer over and over again until it worked. (It doesn’t really work like that). You have to have a pure heart. Well I was do down and sad that day that when I prayed, I cried and I felt an immediate change. Like the verses had sunk into my hear and I knew that I would never have to wonder if I was saved again. Everything was beautiful- the life I had hated, the world we were in, and I was so thankful for everything God had given me. I felt a lot of regret for how I had been living and the fact that I had wasted so many of my days feeling sorry for myself. I have a journal somewhere of the verses God/Jesus gave me right after I was saved around my house somewhere, there were several and I knew he was speaking right to me. Let me tell you what that feeling felt like: it lasted about 2 days where everywhere I went- I just loved everyone and everything- I knew I was loved and I wanted to share that love with the world. Now understand that feeling does go away, and you can easily get sucked back into the bad things of the world over and over again even when you don’t want to. You conform and do things that the world condones as alright like sexual impurity, violence, hate, holding grudges, conforming to societal conventions during the holidays. We all do it, We all sin even after we are saved by the Blood of Christ, we fall asleep at the wheel and get distracted by all of the technology, and entertainment options. That is the reason we need Jesus- Yeshua Hamishiach- we cannot do this on our own! You need someone stronger than you to get you through the hard times- Yeshua Hamishiach is that strong arm and He is the only answer to all your earthly problems. He cares about you and loves you. He is pure unadulterated love! Once you accept him in your heart nothing can separate you from HIs love. But does that mean you can carry on sinning? NO ! absolutely not! Do not gamble with your salvation! You have to stop doing the things that were connected to the old you. Believe me you have to destroy all the stronholds in your life that gave satan footholds to tempt you. Stop the sexual impurity, stop watching or listening to things that don’t help you to concentrate on the Father and His Son. If it isn’t helping you concentrate on Jesus and God then it is probably something that will lead you astray. Then start reading the word, that is how God and Jesus speak to us. Apply it to your life, learn to forgive, give generously, and even when you struggle daily- Don’t ever give up! It is so worth it. God/ Jesus will bring you back when you start to wonder- trust me I have experienced it. But you have to do your part Stop conforming to this world! You don’t have to do things because Society says it is ok! 2 Corinthians 5:17 tell us that we are to become a new creation. God and Jesus will make you that new creation if you let them! But you have to Let go, and Let God. He gave us a guidebook (that we too often ignore) to help us do just that. You have to come to the end of yourself and give up all the things that you were- the bad attitudes, unforgiveness, and the bad habits that you may have acquired and allow God/Jesus to rebuild you from the inside out. I promise that this is very hard, this lifestyle is not always easy, but its worth it! God and Jesus are making me into the person that I always dreamed of being: I am more in control of my emotions, i consciously practice kindness, I give more, I tithe even when it is hard (and somehow my bills are always payed), and even recently I broke through some strongholds that have had a hold of my life with Jesus’ help, I am no longer the make-out queen that I was- in fact I don’t even feel the need to date, I am more secure in who I am, and for the most part I worry less. It is getting easier to love others and I even have friends now who love my in return. To anyone reading this, accepting Jesus as you Savior is the most important decision that you will ever make. And you should work on doing just that as no one knows when their death will come. You have a loving Savior who is ready to embrace you, and he gives you the free-will choice to do it. He does not force his Salvation on you, but he offers you Grace and love. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Love to all and Glory to the Father and Yeshua Hamishiach for making me brave enough to post this!



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