Living Your Faith

It drives me crazy to see people everyday who just go to work, go home, watch TV, and then go to sleep- only to start it all over again the next day.  I used to be one of those people.  And I can tell you that I called life boring.  I even find myself trying to slip back into those habits every now and again.  However, as I have discovered there is so much more to life than all that!  There is so much more to life than just interspersing our work days with out-of-town vacations, drinking bouts, and a couple movie nights with friends.  We were meant to spread God’s love message to the world not just sit around deciding what our favorite TV show is, or when is the next time we can make an escape from our boring lives.  Maybe the problem is not that you do those things without good intentions of discovering God’s calling on your lives.  Maybe you do not know how to get started in this type of endeavor.  Here is my advice in that area:

  1. First God owns you, and has a plan for your life.  A good plan.  Pray about it, spend some time in his Word (Bible), and get to know him.  Then listen for that still small voice, and don’t miss the opportunities that he places in front of you even if it is just picking up a neighbors trash for them.
  2. Recognize that wherever you work, wherever you shop, who your friends are, your acquaintances that this is your mission field!  The people you see everyday are the people who may need your help!  How many of their life stories do you know?  Are all these people saved?  The sad reality is that we all walk around these people daily taking them for granted, and perhaps not sharing the word of God with them.  We have an opportunity to share the gospel with them even if the world says it is politically incorrect.
  3. Live it.  The greatest influence on anyone will not be your words necessarily that make a difference, but how you live your life.  We are called to be living examples of Christ’s love.  It may mean that you have to give up a few things to live correctly, but what is really important eternal life, or the time we have on earth?  You only have one chance to go make a difference.  Stop wasting your time and go get involved in the world around you.  God has given you an allotted amount of time to make that difference: use it wisely.
  4. We can’t all make some huge difference that makes the late night news.  We can’t go save a group of refugees, or rescue prisoners necessarily, but we can participate in a bunch of small gestures that make a huge impact!  Get involved in giving and loving others.  The world needs more of that.  Learn to forgive sincerely because most people hold sins over other’s heads.  Look to love the un-loveable: the people  that others avoid, and help the forgotten.  They are around you.  Look in unconventional places like dog shelters, the grocery store, nursing homes, and even at work.  You can even meet them in back offices, or people fresh out of prison who are trying to change their lives.  Give people a chance to be known and get to know you.  You could be the lasting impact on their life that turns them to Christ.  If you fail, ask God to help you change you from the inside then keep going.  We all fail every so often, but what is more important is that you keep trying.  Failure means you are trying!