11 Things to Do in the New Year

Top Eleven Things to do This Year:

  1. Join a Support Group for whatever situation you are facing-  and if one does not exist then start one!  Trust me more than one person is going through whatever you are facing.  It is good to learn other people’s stories and concentrate on helping someone else solve their problems instead of just your own.
  2. Read 5 new books- you should never stop learning or your brain will die!
  3. Order something new at your favorite restaurant- most people order the same thing off a menu at any given restaurant, so take a walk on the wild side and order something new!
  4. Write out your goals for the year and the manageable daily/weekly/monthly steps to attain them.  Nothing spells success more than creating a plan to do so.  Plan life don’t let life plan you.
  5. Get on a Budget- one of the main stresses in life for everyone revolves around finances, so create a budget that only uses 80% of your income, and always be able to put something into savings!  Live within your means!
  6. Make time for Neglected friendships/ Make a new friend- nothing helps us more than being able to vent to a trusted friend about life’s struggles, and guess what- that specific friend or friends might have something that they need to talk about as well.  And add onto this step to make a new friend!  Friends move and friendships grow apart with life’s changes, so never be afraid to make new friends.  Some friendships are only meant to be enjoyed for a certain season in life.
  7. Try a new exercise routine- spice things up a bit with a new dance video, parkour (free running), or doing one of the many exercise routines that people come up with and put on social media.
  8. Eat healthy and drink more water.  Mood changes and energy levels can fluctuate if you make poor diet choices.  Caffeine causes energy spikes, and may make it more likely for you to experience tired spells throughout the day.
  9. Pray more and Pray Fully- don’t just pray about the ordinary stuff like money problems and getting along with someone, pray for our leaders, our law enforcement, our country, and our world.  Commit to praying for someone other than yourself!  It could be one of the biggest blessings that you bestow on them!
  10. Make a Difference and Save the World!  It seems like a daunting task, but someone has to do it!  We serve a Big God who can fulfill big goals, so set a gigantic goal for yourself to touch a life or many lives and then go get busy!  We are meant to do more in this world than just eat, sleep, and work.  God put us on this earth for a reason and it is time that we started living up to his expectations!
  11. BE THE BEST YOU-Are you a stay-at-home-mom?  Then be the best stay-at-home-mom in the world.  Are you single?  Then optimize this time you have to do good in the world!  Are you a public servant, waitress, secretary, someone’s manager or boss?  Whatever your profession- strive to be the very best YOU at that job.  Go the extra mile!  It doesn’t matter what everyone else does just do your best!


Single, dog-loving, adventure loving, and content.

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