Little Gestures Make a Huge Impact

Every day we are bombarded by tons of things that require our attention: family, school, work, friends, pets, bills, what to make for dinner, world concerns, the state of America, starving children, abused women, human trafficking, missing persons, the Environment, politicians, co-workers and the work place itself, and any other number of mundane items begging for our time.  How do we find “time” to care about everything that needs to be cared about? The answer is you cannot. Even Wonder Woman could not be all over the world at one time. It is impossible to try and care about everything, and hugely unrealistic. However, if you are like me then you still have tried to care about it all, and……YOU END UP OVERWHELMED. I have come up with a simple solution that I am sure will work for more people than just myself. I join causes. I know that I cannot have my iron in too many fires, so I have to prioritize.

  1.  My biggest priority is to God- we are called to go out and make disciples.  We do that by being a living example.  As Gandhi put it “Be the Change that you want to see in the world.”
  2. I join and support causes.  I care about many things, but I cannot possibly devote all of my attention to each thing: the environment, starving children, abandoned animals etc… However, I can usually spare a few dollars to give to those who do devote their time to each of these issues.  For example, check out,, “Google” pet rescue centers, lighthouse missions and there are many more great causes out there that could use $5.00 extra each month.
  3. I also try to do little things that I may not see affecting much, but I know makes a big difference in the long run (and I know it would matter to the people who fight for these issues). I recycle my soda cans, I reuse scrap paper at work, I recycle throw away water bottles and have a reusable one, I have re-usable grocery bags, and I am a Change Warrior the local children’s home.
  4. I also am trying to use more of my resources and talents to do more for others that does not cost me much money, but mostly time.  I am getting back into sewing tote bags to donate to the cancer center for people who need help making their treatment payments.  I want to sew pet beds and pet toys for the local animal shelter.  I want to recycle old clothes into new Fashions for the local children’s home and needy families.  (In fact, this will someday be what I do for a living- it will be what my business is about).

The point of all this is that all of us can usually donate more money and give more time to causes than we think we can. I used to think “being tired” was a good excuse for not getting more done, but I was wrong. As adults, we will usually have our “tired” days, but that should not keep us from standing up for what we believe in. I have found that there are little things that I can do in the everyday course of my life: like buying two bags of rice instead of one and giving the second to the food bank, buying extra spices to give to the food bank, and donating my old jeans to local youth groups when they have a project. In fact, if you pay attention in your community, there is almost always a local youth group trying to raise money or collect old objects or food for a special project. At school time, you can donate a back pack full of school supplies at Walmart (they put special boxes by the door). You can donate old grocery bags in Walmart too. Also, there is almost always someone raising money for something in front of Walmart from Girl Scouts to Wounded Warriors. If you just open your eyes, then there are tons of causes to join that do not require you to give all of your passion to care about what they stand for. By doing small things, we can make a big difference!  Imagine what those little gestures mean to the people on the receiving end!



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