Inspiration Hour

Often, we question the good that the internet does as far as God is concerned. Completely everything that this post is saying. I think that this post was excellently written, and I encourage all of my reader’s to do just that “Read it!”



Today, I decided that, in everything that I do, I want to question my own motives. I want my motives to be pure and geared towards a Godly purpose. For instance, I was (once-upon-a-time) engaged to a guy that I knew that I did not love enough to marry. My motives behind being engaged and the idea of getting married were for purely selfish reasons. I wanted someone to love me (and he did), I wanted my dad to have the chance to walk his daughter down the aisle, I wanted my mom to see her daughter wear her wedding dress down the aisle, and I wanted to “be seen” getting married. The purpose behind all these “wants” was to make myself feel important, and fulfill purely selfish desires. I would not have brought any Godly qualities to a marriage, but, instead, misery to some poor unsuspecting guy. I have decided to approach the idea of “marriage” to something akin to serving God. If I cannot serve God with a pure heart and devote myself to him, now, how on earth, could I think that I was ever ready to be someone’s wife? As such self-realization has occurred, I have decided to incorporate into my character those qualities that not only would make me a good wife, but, also, a good Christian. My question and challenge to my readers today is what personal characteristic do you want to work on changing-starting today- that is going to make you into a better Christian?