Life’s Purpose Does Make Sense

I have been saved and I have backslid.   I have sinned and I have been forgiven.  I have learned how to forgive, and now my earnest prayer is to God’s will.

For years, I have struggled with several issues concerning my faith, and, while I do not have all the answers, I would like to share with my readers the ones that I have found.

IS there a God?

My simple answer is this you do not wonder about something or someone who does not exist…..Do you wonder about an animal call a medlavark?  NO!  Because I just made up that word and such a creature does not exist!  Why would you wonder about God, and why would we have a word for Him as an entity if he did not exist?

Why does God allow bad things to exist in the world?

My take on this question is that there can be no compassion without suffering.  The emotions offset themselves.  I relate this to parent’s who love their children.  Sometimes, children can be capricious and naughty, but the parent’s do not stop loving them.  I think this is how God loves us.  He loves us even when we are bad because we are his children.  Also, remember God did not create the bad things of the world, we, as corrupt humans, did.  God is pure love.

What is our purpose?

All humans share the same purpose….We were made and saved by Jesus to spread the gospel.  We were made to give people the greatest gift of all- to introduce them to Jesus salvation.  God saved us through his son Jesus Christ, and we are called to do the same…

In conclusion,

We all have opportunities to accept Jesus into our lives everyday, if you haven’t yet, and we all have people everyday who we pass who may not have what we, as saved beings do, salvation.  I encourage anyone reading this to open a Bible today, pray, and accept Jesus into your heart if you have not already.  IF you do have salvation, then I encourage you to spread that salvation to someone you pass… Give them the gift of hope, joy, and pure happiness that Faith is.



Learning to Let Go of the Past

Recently, I have been dealing with several issues in my life.  Chief among them was a lack of motivation.  I quit cleaning my house, quit doing my homework, and I quit posting on here- which probably disappointed my followers.  I apologize for that.  Today is a new day and a new beginning… As the old adage says “Today is a new beginning of a 365 day year.”  Something I always struggled with was deciding when was the appropriate time to make big changes in one’s life.  My question now to myself and others is “Why do I have to wait until January 1st or some other special day to make a change?”  Why can’t each day be special?  Why can’t I work each day towards the person that I want to be?  I have been reading Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life,” and it has given me a fresh perspective on living life for God!  If you haven’t read it yet, then, I , highly, recommend it.  It has answered a lot of my questions that I have had about God, and it made me realize that I was not created for me, but for Him!  Expect to see in the coming weeks, some quotes and life lessons from this amazing book!