Shattered Dreams Intro

For about a year now, I have been working on a project that I call “Shattered Dreams.”  I have gone into a bunch of old houses and taken pictures.  It doesn’t sound glamorous when you put it like that, but let me explain what it is and why I am obsessed with old buildings.  Firstly, I love the ambiance of old buildings, the feelings of the memories that were made there once-upon-a-time, and the fact, that at some glorious moment, that building was brand spanking new and an accomplishment of someone else’s.  To me, old buildings (be they: homes, barns, city structures etc…) represent someone’s hard work, someone’s hope in their future, and, most of all, someone’s life.  If for no other reason, we, as loving humans, should appreciate the beauty all around us created by our fellow humans.  Old buildings, in my opinion, are representation of these sentiments.  Someone used to value and appreciate that falling down structure!  So, the next time you pass a crumbling, graffiti-ridden old home or building, remember that someone else, once-upon-a-time anxiously awaited the day that it would be completely built!  Someone made memories there and placed their hope of a future in its walls.  Every time I think of my own home this way, and see it in the future as crumbling or not loved; it makes me want to go home and work on it!  I am grateful and love my home dearly!


Inspiration Hour

Do you need to feel inspired today?  Go to you tube and look up first auditions for Susan Boyle, Andrew, George Sampson or Shaheen Jfargholi.  These people prove that no matter your age- hard work and determination can help you reach your dreams!  It really is very inspiring.  If that doesn’t work, you tube “animal friends.”  These animals famous for inter-species friendships will inspire you to be nicer to your fellow man!