Intro: Inspiration Hour…Why?

All of us need a little help every now and then to remember to be positive.  I need that reminder every day, or I begin to feel like my days are just passing me by.  I have been reading and writing about being happy, finding happiness, and staying happy on this blog, but I haven’t really offered too many concrete suggestions for accomplishing these fetes.  Beginning today, I will be sharing with my readers what I am going to call “Inspiration Hour.”  I get one hour a day for lunch, and, during this time, I usually remain at the office and look at social media sites.   Lately, I have felt a need to find more inspiration, motivation, and enjoyment in each day.  “Inspiration Hour” will- I hope- be a facet of this blog that inspires others as it also inspires me in my every day.  Enjoy Everyone!



Single, dog-loving, adventure loving, and content.

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