Love the Small Enjoyments of Life!

Learning to Do What You Enjoy

Learning the small things that make you enjoy life all the more can seem silly, but take a moment and think of some of the smallest things you can do for yourself that makes your day all the brighter!  Following is my list!  Can you come up with, at least, five things?


  1. I like to have painted nails when I am typing because they look pretty on the keyboard!
  2. I like watching movies at night while I work on my budget!
  3. I like writing and rewriting my goals list to keep myself motivated!
  4. I love my nails to be painted with glitter polishes, or blue or green neon colors!
  5. I like planning my own movie marathons (I do not have cable) for nights when I know I am going to be home!

All of these things seem like small actions, and, I Agree, they are!  However, it is these little things that make me happy!  Make your own list and watch how consciously implementing these small things can improve your day!



Single, dog-loving, adventure loving, and content.

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