Nice Truth

I was intrigued by this idea today, “Nice Truth.”  It was inspired by the other blog posts that I have been keeping up with, and how I want to phrase my responses to their articles.  I have been fascinated with the idea of building an online community since I signed up for my word press account.  I think that, in some way, everyone who blogs is intrigued by the idea of building a network of “online friends,” and the added bonus of getting their message online for others to read.  My question I would like to pose to the online community is this:  What are your thoughts on posting an honest response to someone’s blog content without being overly conscientious or overly critical? I looked back at some of my comments to other bloggers, and decided that I need to  be more positive in my responses.  After all, the world could always use more positivism…



Single, dog-loving, adventure loving, and content.

2 thoughts on “Nice Truth

  1. actually it is possible to be brutally honest with any reply while still being constructive, its simple fore every negative you should offer a solution, for every criticism you should offer a way to fix the issue. Also the growth of a person’s mind is not helped or swayed by arguments…that’s why everyone should realize I am right all the time…LOL

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