Setting your goals!

I think the best way to show something is by example.  Here is a typed version of one of my main goals from my journal!

Lifetime Goal: Make a Difference and help other people find happiness

Yearly Goals:  Help people every day, week, and monthly by: giving generously, being a good listener, giving sincere well thought -only if asked for- advice for any issue any individual may talk to me about, and be inspiring.  Give one-of-a-kind gifts at anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays that people really would enjoy and use!

Monthly Goals:  Write inspiring messages to people who may need to hear something positive (handwritten letters are thoughtful), and try to do something each day and month to reach my lifetime goal.

Weekly Goals:  Be a sincere listener when someone chooses to confide in me without interrupting with any kind of advice unless it is solicited.  On every trip to town (when I am driving), let someone out in traffic (it’s a nice thing to do) even if I have right-of-way.  If I see something while shopping, that I think someone else would like, splurge and buy it when my finances allow!  Everyone needs a spontaneous gift every now and then.

Daily Goals:  Be conscious of thanking people for even the most minuscule task and showing people respect by saying “yes or no sir/ma’am.”  It makes people feel important when you are respectful.  Thank people for the moments that they inspire me.  Everyone likes to hear that they are unconsciously inspiring someone else.  Tell all the people I love that I love them daily because its important.  If I were to die tomorrow, then the last thing I would want anyone to hear is that I love them.

This is an example of one of my more broad goals broken down into accomplish-able steps.  I have read tons of articles that say you should work everyday towards fulfilling your goals, and I, firmly, agree with that statement.

Hope you guys enjoy!  Love yas! 



Single, dog-loving, adventure loving, and content.

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