Believe and Be

Leave the old way of life behind. Believe in the God of Impossible and Believe in who He made you to be.

Sometimes you have to step off the boat in faith and believe that He has you. That He cares for you, and will send help when needed just in the nick of time. Sometimes we go through unimaginable pains, but we have to keep on believing that He is for us not against us. Is this the first hard time that you have gone through or the first temptation that you have faced? Hasn’t He always provided a way? Just Believe.

Eternity- Transcending Time



In my dream last night, i seemed to time travel, and the phrase that I noted was “transcend time”. I do not have the whole meaning yet, but I wanted to remind everyone that when you accept Jesus in your heart, you are no longer a citizen of earth but of heaven.

This dream is leading me to study dimensions, allegory of flatland, and how we as citizens of heaven will transcend time. God’s already there.

Here is a link to a website that I read an article on this morning, Enjoy! BYELIZABETHSLIFEADVENTURE

Do Not Follow the Crowd

When crossing place to place, do not follow the crowd. The crowd chooses a dangerous path with precarious footholds. One slip up could be your last. It is precarious and dangerous with the darkness below you. This is what happens if you follow the crowd down the path of no return. It’s a road to no where that you want to end up.

Matthew 7:13-14

A Criminal’s End

It’s in an arena of spectators. It doesn’t hide. We see it from a distance at first. We know it’s dangerous but know to stay away. Then someone we love does it. They cross to the other side, so it must be ok. We edge close. The bridge to the other side looks dangerous, old and rickety, but our loved one crossed that gorge so it must be ok. So we try it once. Nothing bad happened. We go back and forth. At times, we bounce on this bridge. It holds. No danger. We justify what we are doing in our mind. Then someone watching us wants to try it. We help them. Now it’s fun. We become more daring. We do somersaults across this bridge. We ignore the warning signs, ignore advice, and then we are seen. Seen by the side of right. Seen by someone that we did not want to be seen by. The misdeeds are exposed, laid bare for the right to see, the truth is before our eyes. Now we must admit our wrong. The ending of sin ends the same way. A criminals end.

The Fate of America

I was trying to share the image of what i saw and drew to share, but it will not upload.

So I will describe it

It was a single wide trailer standing on two canyons with a chasm between, and the house was the United States Flag or painted like it.

The Image Meaning “A House built on divided land will never stand.”

Sometimes the Lord shows me things and I document it and then I receive a meaning later on. Now I posted about this particular image last year sometime I do believe.

In dream, I was walking by this place on the way home and I was in a strange place (more on that meaning in a moment). I remember seeing the house which was a single wide trailer balanced over 2 cliffs with a chasm in the middle. and I thought “what idiot built a house like that. I remember I was scared to walk under it as I knew that it would fall eventually.

The meaning: True Christ Followers are strangers passing through a strange land on the way to our true home. This place is not our home. The house represented the United States.

America will eventually fall. A house cannot last if it does not have a sure foundation. If it is built on divided land- its outcome is inevitable.

As citizens of Heaven, we look as strangers watching something happen from a distance. We hide in Psalm 91. This place is not our primary place of residence and in that you should have your hope.

As far as the United States, America will eventually fall. It will not stand the test of time.

The question posed to me this morning by the Holy Spirit

“What happens to a house with two sides that has no common ground?”

the answer: It Collapses.

The other day (if you follow my facebook) God gave me an analogy- the naked truth can parade before you but people still choose to believe in a lie.

There is a painting that actually depicts this. Look it up.

3 In One Kinda Message

I did not share these words yesterday because I like to be very sure of what God wants me to share from the things that He shows me.  So here are the messages from yesterday and this morning.

Hosea 4:6, Proverbs 5:23- Specific words I heard were “My people perish for lack of knowledge”

To SEERS: Take care of what you see.  Warn of danger.  Do not let others lack of belief or short-sightedness keep you from sharing what you know to share or convince you that you have not seen what you know you saw (they may not see in the spiritual realm)

Everyone: There are snakes out there.  On the road, on the sidewalk, and in your home.  They are sent to trip you up and hinder your walk.  They cause fear. They are poisonous and lethal.  Just because you can not see them does not mean that they are not there.  You are in a spiritual battle whether you choose to believe so or not.  Take care, wear shoes, wear armor, and watch your step.




One was brambles, thorn bushes and they were everywhere-

It’s a Bible Verse – Matthew 13:7 “Other seed fell among thorns, which grow up and choked the plants.”

*Fix your eyes on God

Vision 2: A foundation or rubbish and whatever or the something on top of it was in shambles.  The foundation was a mix of sand, thorn brambles and junk.

*The only sure foundation is Jesus Christ.  You better build on the rock.

Notes of Verses and Single words

*My advice to anyone reading this, pray over what I have shared.  Look up the verses.  How i see is in sentences, words, pictures, and I dream in parables.


Luke 21:34-36, Acts 5:33-42, Acts 13:38-41

*STOP WORSHIPING THE AMERICAN FLAG- if your politics come before God then it is an idol.  You have people running this hamster wheel of life and the pause they give is more to a flag than God.  NOTHING COMES BEFORE GOD.

Many false things will come that try to pass themselves off as a Savior- THERE IS ONLY ONE SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST THE RIGHTEOUS.  Pay attention.

If anyone needs to or wants to learn how God taught me to hear Him-  I am working on a book but I also will gladly share the process with you.  The book will be free and anything God has taught me is free.  Freely I have been given and freely I will give.

Love to all!  Be Careful out there!


Reflections on Salvation and Jobs

Last Night I had some very vivid dreams, as usual.  God woke me up at what I say was a very unreasonable hour, but here I am.  I wanted to share with you all this morning what He gave me.

As Christians, we all have a job to do on earth- earthly profession, but also spiritual jobs.   Furthermore, Salvation is not Sold!  It is not something that you keep paying for like insurance.  The price has already been paid by Jesus Christ on the Cross. (John 14:6).  There is one way to get Salvation- Only one and that is to accept Jesus as your Savior and ask Him into your heart.  You don’t keep paying a price to earn your way to Heaven.  (Ephesians 2:8-9)  If someone is bringing you a religion or theology that says that their is another way to earn Salvation or be Saved besides Jesus- THEY ARE WRONG! ONE WAY ONLY!  Specifically from my dream, we are not salesman and we are not insurance agents.  Salvation is not a package or an item.  It is a free gift of grace that each person must accept themselves.

(That is the first part)

Secondly, being saved and knowing that grace is free does not mean we can sit back and watch other people do the work, and do nothing ourselves.  It is not an invitation for us to sit back and relax while others work.  We have a job to do, as well.  Our job is to help.  All true Christians are in this together, and we are meant to work as a team.  Help each other and use our gifts to help our fellow workers as well as share Jesus with the lost.

I hope this helps others and if you want to learn how Jesus started teaching me through His Holy Spirit- I can share with you what He has taught me over the last 3 and a half years.  I do not have it all figured out, I do not know your spiritual gifts, and I cannot tell you your destiny or purpose etc, but I can point you in the direction of the One who does, and tell you how He taught me to hear from Him.  And trust me, this was a lesson for me as well as maybe others (I dont know)…But I know that He showed me in my dream that I have a tendency to take a side seat, and I cannot.

Living in a Strange Place

I have not written on this platform in a very long time, but now that I am trying to stay away from the drama that is facebook…

I have been struggling lately. My life like everyone’s has changed so much in the last few months that I feel very lost. I couldn’t hear God’s voice as loudly as I usually can, and i have felt like giving up on and off… for those of you new to my blog, i dream from God. It is something I have done since I was a child. I did not know my dreams were from God until about 3 years ago.

I recorded a dream from last night that reminded me that I am an exile, an alien, a foreigner living in a strange place. The world is not my home. I often follow the clues in my dream to get the interpretation, so I ended up on an article that I am going to share that helped me put things back in perspective…

Too often, I feel like I dont belong. I really have never felt like I fit in. And it is moments like these that remind me that I am not supposed too. You have a choice to embrace the world or embrace God. I choose God and Jesus.

God through His Holy Spirit told me today ” when you are outside of God’s word you are subject to the law of destruction. You must live as you are called.”

If you bear the mark of God’s chosen people then you must live a life worthy of this calling.

It’s a potent reminder to repent because I sin often. I surely dont know why God keeps on with me. I disappoint Him daily. I fall into old habits. Today was His gentle reminder to stay the course and fight the good fight of faith. I am not meant to belong here or fit in- I’m just passing through to my true home.

My Journey with the Lord: A life of Adventure

My greatest goal of my life is to lead a life of adventure and this means any things to me from pursuing good, spreading love, and facing evil.  I love a good adventure movie and I believe we can learn a lot from some movies or stories.  When I was a kid, I dreamed very vividly and I would write down my dreams and turn them into stories because I didn’t know what else to do with them.  I did not know that God communicated with people in dreams, and I had been to church, but I didn’t know that you could learn to talk to God etc…  I do believe that the Christian life is the true Adventure full of obstacles, finding the lost, saving a world being overcome by evil, living a life of love and purity, and as I became an adult I learned that God can speak to us in dreams and in many ways.  How God speaks to us is like our own secret language with Him. “For our ears only” type of thing.  I do not go into a lot of detail about what I see and experience in my dreams, but I have learned many things from them about why God is doing something or allows something to happen, what is going on in the world around me, what love is and is not, and just life lessons in general and what directions to take at certain points in my life.  If I could share anything with everyone in the world- it would be my faith- my relationship with the Lord, how special He makes me feel and how He talks to me.  My blog is my effort to do just that.  I try to only share exactly the thoughts that come in my head as far as they agree with scripture, and the parables from my dreams.  One particular thing i wrote down was on 1-15-2019, and I wasn’t sure for a long time if I should share this stuff, but in my dream I did, and I had an interesting conversation with my mom that made me believe it was ok.  So as far as truth, I will try to communicate what i gleaned from this particular parable dream.  These are the exact words from my journaling that day:

” The real truth is we are in a war zone (spiritual), but we are able to overcome when we realize our own abilities.  That is what evil seeks to destroy us knowing what we are capable of.  Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain.  We are capable of facing giants, destroying strongholds and helping the lost or searching.  We have to change things by choice-an act of the will.  When we realize our own capabilities/abilities we are capable of accomplishing anything.  Set your minds on what is good.”

Those are the exact words that I wrote down, and a few other notes from that day include:  People live in a dream world, we are all guilty of living in our own little world at times, we live in a world controlled by evil, but I have the power within me to overcome it.

In truth, we all have the same power if you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit has taken up residence in your heart, we all have the power to overcome.  This place is not our home.  We are on a journey home, and in the process we are meant to learn to truly love and be love to others.  We are Christ’s hands and feet in this world.  We are meant to share Him.  When Christ lives in us and we live in Him then we are His living word in the world.  We are meant to live it!!! Not just talk about it, read it, or attend services.  That is not all there is to it!  I challenge you to LIVE IT!  Live the verses you read everyday:  FEED THE HUNGRY, FREE THE OPPRESSED, FIGHT EVIL, TAKE CARE OF WIDOWS AND ORPHANS, LOVE OTHERS!  The true Christ followers are the CHURCH.  We literally have the Holy Spirit inside of us.  Church is not something you do, it is something that you are!  I hope this encourages you!  Pray over it, study, speak to the LORD!  Love to all!

My Journey with the Lord: Keep Silent or Share?

Something I have struggled with since I have really begun to hear from the Lord is when to share a word and when to keep silent.  It is the same with my “opinion.”  We live in a world saturated with opinions- generation bashing and blame.  We have 1000’s of ways to “share” now, but do not worry about silence only being heard.  Is there more value in silence?  I am sure that I do not have the entire answer on this subject, but I can share what I have learned this morning on the subject.  Too make a long story short, I ended up on a website called and unlocking the Bible.  The sites stood out to me in my research because the elements they contained were elements from my dream that only God could lead me to.  I believe this with all my heart. The gist of the first lesson is from the article “Knowing when to speak and when to keep silent.”  The Points that stood out to me paraphrased:

Boldly speak the truth in love, but avoid speaking in anger.  There are always consequences to words said when you are angry.

“So when we eventually stumble into speaking harshly or are tempted to avoid speaking from fear, we can rest on Christ’s perfect record on our account and move forward with this assurance and motivation.”  This is a direct quote from the second website and article mentioned above, and it was my dream elements (symbolism from my dreams), but in word form (if that makes sense).  In all honesty, it scares the bananas out of me to share what I am learning sometimes or to even tell people that I can hear the Lord.  I have been mocked, snubbed, ostracized etc… just for speaking about spiritual experiences and telling people that God gives me dreams.  All I can say with any certainty is that sometimes (more often than not) I might speak out of turn, or not speak when I should.  Social media is the worst where political opinions run rampant, and God’s word is taken out of context.  So I usually try to just avoid politics all together, but in so doing, I may have not shared correctly what the Lord has communicated to me on the subject, so this is my effort to correct that mistake.  It is from several dreams or night visions and it is usually just one word sentences that hold a lot of meaning- of which I will not add on to to my best ability.

Several months ago, He showed me an old house (a single wide manufactured home) balanced over two cliffs with a valley below, and the house was painted like the American flag.  I drove beneath the house hoping that it would not collapse until I was safely on the other side.  It meant “a divided house will never stand”

In last night’s dream, my research led me to the phrase “Birth of a new generation.”  All I can do is tell you what it means to me and what I learned from it about what is going on in the world and what evil is trying to do.  So we are in seeing the birth of a new generation, and you can’t change that fact.  Instead of blaming and bashing and all the other things we do, look at what is happening behind the scenes.

There used to be a term “on the fence” which meant, to a Christ Follower, that you were lukewarm- you were deciding who you wanted to follow and trying to do just enough to get by, but not enough that you had to sacrifice any comfort and you still lived in the world.  Well this generation (again what I got from my dream), is trying to go under the fence (not over or around, but under).  So from under the fence, I felt the word “undermining.”  Of course, I had to look up the meaning because we do not always know what we think we know.

Undermining: the action or process of lessening the effectiveness, power, or ability of someone or something especially gradually or insidiously.

This really spoke to me because what i see is what evil is doing in the world today- Removing God.  It is using people to paint a bad picture of who God is or abolishing the mass’s ability to learn about who God truly is.  If you were evil, how would you lead a revolution?  Well, in my opinion, you would start by destroying another person’s credibility, influence and then decreasing their power or effectiveness.  (This is what evil is doing right now in the world).  he takes our eyes off Jesus- the author and finisher of our faith.

I believe this is happening not only by the loss of basic freedoms concerning faith, but also by distracting believers by putting their minds on the things of this world (world system).  The real battle begins with us and our walk with Christ, then the influence of us on others around us, and then spreading love.  In all my studies, God has shown me that a forced love is not love, and to take away people’s right of choice is to force them to do something.  He has shown me that He is pure unadulterated love so much so that our minds can barely fathom that kind of love without Him in our hearts to understand it.  God does not force His way into people’s hearts and neither can we force Him on others.  They must choose, but for them to choose “someone has to tell them (Romans 10:14-15).”  It is our job to share love, share Jesus, and walk the walk.  It is not our job to convince them but to share with them in love.  You do not always have to agree with someone to love them.  God loves us and we do a million things wrong daily.

In closing, Pray over this and I hope it encourages the readers.  I also hope it opens your eyes to what is happening around you.  evil is very sneaky and it can invade masquerading as good, but do not be fooled and get stuck in the wrong fight.  Make sure you are fighting the good fight- love- how God has loved you, how Jesus changed your life, and how He can change theirs.